Worldview Implications for Policy Analysis


Identify whether this piece of legislation either is currently being debated in Congress or has already been implemented and passed by Congress. Provide a brief overview of the key tenets associated with the piece of legislation. Be sure to link goals and objectives of the legislation to 1 of the three major worldviews discussed in the worldview presentation and provide a clear and sufficient explanation of those links. You must incorporate citations from 4–5 scholarly sources, one of which must be the “Worldview Implications for Policy Analysis”

Sample paper

Worldview Implications for Policy Analysis

As recent as last month, the united states congress passed the abortion act 2017 that seeks to abolish and ban abortions after 20 weeks. This new bill makes it illegal to either carry out and attempt an abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy. According to this new legislation, anyone found guilty of breaking these provisions will be liable to be fined or sentenced to up to five years in prison. According to those that supported the act, they believe that they have to protect and secure critical pro-life protections as they look to protect the unborn children (Monsma & Soper, 2009).

According to the worldview policy analysis, there are largely three major perspectives that often guide all the decisions and actions. This new act can be largely linked to the biblical perspective.according to this perspective, leaders and every individual should involve God in all their decision making to ensure that they make the right decisions (Kraft & Furlong, 2008). In the case of the abortion act, it is clear that those supporting the bill are trying to protect human life as it is sacred. However, without the help of the supernatural power of God, they may make the wrong decisions which in turn would hurt more people contrary to their expectations and desires (Müller, 2017). Notably, according to this perspective when it comes to decision making, individuals should seek divine intervention so that when they are in the wrong, the good Lord can deliver them and liberate them from their mistakes. To be on the safer side, it is prudent for anyone using this perspective to avoid the paralysis of analysis and fool-hardy decision making as they can lead them to make the wrong decision which they may regret in the future (Dryzek, 2017).


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