Managerial decision making


National Security Agency (NSA) contractor. Here is the reference citation for the article:

Securing our liberty. (2013). Commonweal, 140(12), 5.

After reading the article, draft a two-page response by discussing the U.S. government’s decision to acquire phone and

internet data without disclosing its intentions to citizens. For this assignment, consider the NSA as an organization (i.e.,

business) and Snowden as a manager. How have the decisions of this event impacted the fairness of the U.S.

government, its citizens, and Snowden? How did ethics, perhaps, influence Snowden’s decision to leak information? In

this event, what is the greater good and also the consequences/sacrifices of that greater good? Based on the details of

this event, what can we learn about making important decisions as a leader and manager?

This event was covered by several news and media organizations, so there should be plenty of articles in the library.

Conduct a bit more research in the online library related to this event involving Edward Snowden and the U.S.

government—see what else you can discover about the event to determine an appropriate punishment, if any, for

Snowden’s conduct. Include at least one additional source from the library in your response.

The purpose of this assignment is for you to think critically about managers (and other leaders) making important

decisions, and the process managers use to make important decisions. Consider how important it is to collect all of the

facts before making an important decision, such as those involving fairness and ethics.

Sample paper

Managerial decision making

Due to the act of Snowden, the US government has identified ways and techniques of getting hold of any source of information that can prevent terrorist attacks both internal and external. By monitoring information through screening of texts, emails, and phone calls, the United States government has been able to keep its citizens safe from any attacks. The later indicates that the government is concerned about its people, the Americans and that it is ready to do anything to keep them safe. Mr. Snowden, as the manager, can be said to excel in his position considering that he is tasked with gathering relevant information that can help security agents to sabotage any terrorist attacks on the Americans (Securing Our Liberty., 2013). Moreover, it is correct to say that the general public has been disappointed by the breach of privacy by the government; it is fair to say that now they can lead their lives without the fear of being attacked by terrorists. The information obtains through the use of complex algorithms for collecting the information and tracks the calls, emails or text messages has been effectively used to reduce the vulnerability of the Americans from terrorist.

Ethics involved in Snowden’s decision

Being a former employee of one of the largest security agency in the world, Snowden had sworn to keep the secrets of his office, position, and country from the public and enemies. His position in the organization led him to obtain classified information about US surveillance something that he was supposed to keep as a secret.  Disclosing this information to Washington post and Britain’s Guardian may be considered heroic by some while others take him as a traitor and have jeopardized the lives of thousands and thousands of American citizens. Disclosing the information to the public was not the right action by Snowden since the classified information was collected to curb terrorist activities and keep amerce safe. The government may have used the wrongs means to obtain the all important information, but that does not justify Snowden’s unethical and immoral actions. Therefore, by disclosing the classified information, Snowden breached the privacy of Americans, betrayed their trust, the government, NSA and his country. Greater good and its consequences

Given the fact that the government and NSA intended to use the information and data collected to sabotage any terrorist attack and keep American safe, it is correct to say that the breach of privacy was for the greater good of the country.  Moreover, Americans will become careful with their conversations through phone calls, emails, and text messages. Furthermore, they will be aware that the government is concerned about their security and all the techniques employed to fight terrorism (Securing Our Liberty., 2013). On the other side, the US government will become vulnerable to terrorist attacks as part of the consequences considering that the terrorists are now aware of the techniques used to uncover their plans. Moreover, there are chances that the current investigations will be jeopardized putting members of a citizen in grave danger.

Importance of facts on making decisions

To avoid any controversy, it is important to identify the issues that can take place. A fair practice shall be to conduct a research report and analysis for the collection of data and review the processes, policies, and practices that have been applied to the subordinate employees (Securing Our Liberty., 2013). To make the decision fair and ethical, it is important to explore the organizational culture from a logical perspective to know every detail about the processes taken up for a certain incident. Therefore, Snowden should be punished as per deterred the Public Disclosure of Covert Actions Act 2012 and the National Security Agency should sentence him to a lifetime imprisonment.


Securing our liberty. (2013). Commonweal, 140(12), 5.


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