Lesson Plan

Please make this LESSON PLAN for PreK (age 4-5) students! Base the lesson plan on the information provided below:

This time, I decided to focus on a lesson plan for Preschool aged children. The theme of this lesson plan will be “Our Community”. This lesson plan will allow students to focus on the community they live in and the world around them. Students will learn that a Community Helpers theme can cover many groups of people who help in our neighborhoods. I will explain to the children that a community can be small with only a few buildings and homes or large with many buildings and homes. Children will also learn that the people in the community help each other by offering goods and services. In this lesson plan, the objectives will be as followed:
•Students will discuss what happens in their community and identify a variety of places there.
•Students will discuss who works in the various buildings in their neighborhood.
•Students will sort and classify different items, objects or equipment according to their neighborhood location.
My standards will be taken from Teaching Strategies Gold, which is an early childhood education assessment that allows teachers to enter data based on the different areas of development in children. Based on my lesson plan, I plan to follow these objectives and dimensions:
Social Studies
29. Demonstrates knowledge about self
30. Shows basic understanding of people and how they live

Each center (Art, Writing, Math, Science, Library, Music, Listening, Housekeeping, Sand/ Water, Computer, and Blocks) will have theme-related activities in it for the children. Children will be allowed to have a choice as to which center they want to learn in during center time. Also during this lesson plan, children will learn new vocabulary words which will be related to our community (police, dentist, firefighter, grocery store). My plan is to bring the theme to life in the classroom. I want the children to feel like they are actually in a community when they enter the classroom. I also plan to make sure I have age-appropriate material for use during this theme.
For this lesson plan, I had a hard time figuring out small group math and literacy/language. Of course, I am going to introduce a letter and vocabulary word for the week, but I want to have more fun learning activities for the students during instructional time. Also, I need ideas for a Science activity. Children love anything they can touch so I know a good hands-on activity will be very fun, but I need an idea for one that it Community themed. As for everything else I stated, do you all think I’m going in the right direction with this lesson plan? Is there I should add or take away?