Lennar Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics


Unit 7: Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics
Case Study Analysis Paper:
Prepare a case study analysis on Case 13, Lennar Corporation’s Joint Venture Investments, found in the Cases section of
your digital textbook.
Closely follow the Case Study Analysis Template by clicking on the hyperlink. Please utilize this template format for this
Assignment. Use titles and subtitles per the format for readability purposes.
Focus upon the idea of the company’s abuse and fraudulent activities with respect to Lennar’s behavior relative to CSR
and business ethics.

Please include the SWOT Analysis with the four quadrants in the Appendix of your paper (after the
References page). You can find the SWOT Analysis template in Doc Sharing.
Assignment Checklist:
• Conduct a SWOT Analysis on the case study company’s CSR and business ethics practices.
• Create a case study analysis focusing on the company’s abuse and fraudulent activities relative to CSR and
business ethics.

Sample paper

Lennar Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics 

Question 1

SWOT Analysis on Lennar Corporation’s CSR and business ethics practices

The community always appreciates the efforts of any company that engages in community development programs in the attempt to improve the living standards of the company. Society, always have great expectations that successful organization will contribute to the development of the community. However, these expectations for corporate social responsibility are poised to change in the next decade. With the improvement of technology, inventions, and innovations in all fields, community needs are going to change from traditional needs such as the building of road networks and construction of schools to more digital needs (Navi, 2012). Due to globalization, community and societies around the globe are adopting digital needs and soon most business transactions will be conducted online and thus the community will expect to participate in corporate social responsibilities through the provision of digital gadgets such as computers, tablets or rather software to enable easy transactions and online education to take place effectively.

Question 2

Aanalysis of Lennar Corporation’s abuse and fraudulent activities relative to CSR and business ethics

Business is not exceptional when it comes to discrimination and sometimes employees in various organizations may fall victims of discrimination ranging from sexual and gender discrimination to racial discrimination. All affirmative policies create an unjust reverse discrimination, especially in business. Affirmative action in the workplace is meant to bring diversity, but this happens at the expense of others.  For example preservation of some posts for the minority in the society is discrimination to the majority since that opportunity to compete against everyone equally and fairly is taken away from them (Carroll, 2015). Thus, in most cases, affirmative action will always create a negative perspective among the employees which may in turn lead to more discrimination since they feel that there is that group of the employee that is given special privileges. This brings individualism rather than unity.


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