John Hopkins Health System Corporation

Diagram The Health Care System? Linkages and Alliances-John Hopkins Health System Corporation

In united states, the Health Sector is described by the presence of an enormous number of health care delivery organizations. These organizations provide health care services to patients in the entire country. Despite the fact that the organizations are many in number, they collectively constitute an interconnected health care delivery system where most of the organizations depend on of each other for a provision of given type of health care service. Therefore, this paper seeks to discuss the information on the primary health care delivery of The John Hopkins Health System Corporation in the United States and its roles in the health care delivery system.

John Hopkins Health System Corporation

The John Hopkins Health System Corporation is an organization that is based in the US. It is a well-known organization of health care delivery that is non-profit and is devoted to providing quality healthcare services to the people of US (Feldman, 2012). Besides, this organization characterizes one of the well-expanded organizations concerning the provision of the health care services as well as the accessory of other associated health care organizations that are under the corporation and those that are outside the corporation. The organization consists of inter-connected health care units that are concerned with the provision of quality healthcare services to the patients.

Moreover, the organization consists of programs that aim at providing and managing the health care activities and services with a specific concern to the military retirees and the active duty family members. Additionally, it forms a collaboration with the Uniformed Services Health Family Health Plan in ensuring that the healthcare provision set objective are met (Feldman, 2012). Also, in the organization, there is a setup John Hopkins Hospital, a global-famous medical institution that aims at providing quality and tertiary health care services. It is acknowledged as one of the best hospitals in the United States for its quality services.

Howard County General Hospital

Under the wings of the organization, there is Howard County General Hospital, a community founded medical setup with specific of providing outpatient health care services. Also, there is Suburban Hospital and Health System, also a community founded setup that provides health care services in areas such as cardiac care, oncology, neurosciences, and stroke (Fee, 2016). Furthermore, the organization has the John Hopkins Community Physicians that comprises of sixteen medical centers that are recognized in the entire state in the provision of quality health care services. In addition, the organization has close ties with the John Hopkins University School of Medicine which offers assistance to the health care organizations in the stability of their health initiatives on a global scale.

Under the organization, there is quite a number of community-based level medical institutions and clinics that are looking forward to providing quality healthcare services. Within Maryland state, there are other hospitals and some are still expanding outside its territory to ensure that patients get proper and quality health care services and refer their patients to the John Hopkins Hospital (Dearholt & Dang, 2012).

There are interns and trainees from medical universities such as John Hopkins University who carry out their internship and training in this organization (Fee, 2016). The healthcare is in collaboration with different healthcare organizations for the primary purpose of providing community-founded healthcare, accommodating referrals as well as following up the discharged patients. 

Below is a graphical representation of the link between The John Hopkins Health System Corporation and the patient.

In the above representation, the operations of The John Hopkins Health System Corporation rely on the patients. The patients play a key role in the above presentation. The success of the organization depends on the cooperation of The John Hopkins Health System Corporation with other healthcare delivery organizations.


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