Do you believe the violence between Israel and Palestine will ever end? Why or why not? Cite at least 1 Old Testament verse and at least 1 New Testament verse to support your argument.

Sample paper

Israel-Palestine Violence

Over the last decade, there has been an on-going debate among individuals and other high profile leaders across the globe as the reasons as to why Israeli is always fighting with Palestine. As a matter of fact, the fight between the Jews and the Arabs dates back to 1922, and nobody is sure whether the war will ever come to an end. It is very clear that both nations are ready to kill and injure others in the name of violence over the freedom as Palestine was a colony of Israel. This assignment will attempt to explore the reasons as to why this violence between Israel and Palestine will never end.

The primary reason as to why the violence and fight are set to continue for a long period is because the Israelites believe that Palestine was and is still their cradle land. Past studies indicate that the Israelites were the first inhabitants of the current day Palestine, especially the Gaza where they constructed buildings that attracted Arabs from the neighboring country, and for years, the Israeli has been praying to return to their land considering that God promised to fulfill his promises that were made in the old testament (Rom 11:1–12, 27) (Staples, 2011). On the other hand, Arabs believe that Palestine is their country and they are not ready to give up. As a result, the Hamas has committed itself to attacking Israel with grenades and rockets. According to Israelites, this hostility is predicted in the bible and would be brought by the descendants of Esau who they believe are the Arabs (Gen 27:39-40) (Kidner, 2015). Notably, Israel is more than happy to return the favor which drives them to attack Palestine killing innocent people on the way.

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For Hamas, they are motivated to pressure the Israelites to lessen is not lift economic embargo on Gaza, which can improve the living standards in the region. On the same note, the fight is a symbol of political victory for Hamas, and they are not ready to surrender or honor peace treaties. As a result, the war and violence are likely to continue for the foreseeable future.


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