Human Resource


Unit 1 DQ: Diversity (Graded)

As a Human Resources (HR) manager, you have noted an extremely low number of women currently at any level of management within the company. In addition, you have noticed a disproportionate number of women have left the company over the past year.

Address each question completely in detail. Think fully on the answer before submitting your response.

Please align the number of your response to the numbered question below. Be sure to write in a professional manner (paragraphs, complete sentences, etc.) Sloppy inattentive submissions will be penalized.

  1. What actions could you take to increase the number of female new hires?
  2. What specific programs/initiatives could you develop to assist hiring managers in the interview process?
  3. What additional steps could you take to assure a safe working environment for female employees?

Sample papers

Human Resource

In the recent labor force, industry, diversity is increasingly becoming the order of the day. Dead and gone are the days when men alone would dominate all sectors and industries in the economy. Despite the fact that men are still many in most industries, the number of employed women is slowly increasing thus creating a healthy competition between men and women employees.

Question 1

One of the many ways that companies and organizations can use to attract more women in their companies is by creating a uniting font. Therefore, the recruiting process and procedure should emphasize the importance of recruiting and retaining women in the company. Similarly, the members of the human resource department, interviewers, and the entire organizational team should understand that recruiting, hiring and retaining women employees is the primary goal of accompany. In addition, the company should make the job ads women-friendly (In Harzing, A.-W, & In Pinnington, 2015). Research shows that women like having fun, friendly and casual atmosphere. Therefore, companies should strive to create a friendly environment for women.

Question 2

According to most human resource managers, promoting the current female employees and employees in positions of power gives the necessary motivation to interviewers the motivation to look for more women. When women are represented at the highest level, such as the interviewee committee, there are high chances that they will prioritize the needs of female employees.  Additionally, constant and regular training on the need of diversity in the workplace enhances the ability of the interviewers to give more chances to female employees (Mathis, Jackson, Valentine, & Meglich, 2017).

Question 3

The creation of a friendly working environment is the key to the recruitment and retaining of female employees. This can be done by taking the sexual harassment seriously. Research shows that women are more vulnerable to sexual harassment than men. Therefore, the assurance of their safety is key to their commitment to an organization (Mathis, Jackson, Valentine, & Meglich, 2017).


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