Historicism Project-Influence of Historic Costume on Cotemporary Fashion Design


Final Project: Historicism


  1. To demonstrate student knowledge of the influence of historic costume on contemporary fashion design.

  2. To demonstrate student ability to use primary sources to determine which period of historic costume influenced a particular style of contemporary dress during the twentieth century.

  3. To explain (through analysis of current themes or trends in society) why students believe the historic style was used by the contemporary designer.

Historicism Project-Influence of Historic Costume on Cotemporary Fashion Design

Dandy era in fashion

The Dandy fashion on the right is representative of the same which was common in the 19th century. Dandies were more concerned about their mannerisms and physical appearance. As seen in picture on the left, dandy style was characterized by excessive laces, velvet and jewelry. On the right, it is possible to see impeccable tailoring, just line in the historical period. Contemporary designers are inspired by the standards dandy dressing established – standards of quality and attention to all details such as stitching and finishing.

1800’s Inspiration: Victorian’s Bridal Fashion

The Romona Keveza Spring 2014 bridal collection pays homage to  the victorian era bridal fashion.  The wedding dress on the right was inspired by Queen Victoria’s Bridal fashion popular in the 1800s. The white wedding dress on the left was common in the 1800s.  The wedding dress on the right resembles the blush gown common during the Victorian era.

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