Heritage Foundation Inc Organization Analysis 


Question/Prompt: For this assignment, you will choose 1 group, organization, etc. that is actively involved in engaging the culture. Possible groups include (but are not limited to):
•Heritage Foundation
•Patriot Academy
•Leadership Institute
•Liberty Counsel
•Live Action
•State specific organization such as the Texas Public Policy Foundation

The goal is to explain and analyze what the organization is doing to impact the culture. You can focus on the strengths and accomplishments of the group, or you could focus on its weaknesses and suggest ways the group could be more effective. 

Sample paper

 Heritage Foundation Inc Organization Analysis

Cultural heritage is one of the most treasured wealth in a community in the world today.  Culture has both social and economic impacts on the members of a social organization considering that it creates the paste that holds the community together and can be used to attract tourists. For a culture to successfully have impacts on the members of a social group, it has to have a cumulative deposit of knowledge, experiences, beliefs and values acquired by the group or individuals in the course of generations (Stanco, 2011). However, different communities have different and unique cultures from their neighbors which may be highly influenced by geographical location.

To be in a position to preserve, maintain and protect the culture of different communities, there are organizations in various states purposely formed to protect the cultural heritage of these communities. Heritage foundations are an example of these state organs whose primary mission is to create and popularize conservative public policies based on traditional values. The Cultural Heritage Foundation Inc. has a sole mission of collecting, preserving, and interpreting the architecture and the culture of southern California.

Some of the remarkable achievements of this state organ are fighting against amnesty for illegal immigrants in 2007. This heritage foundation was on the front line to stress the importance of improving border security. Additionally, this organization played a leading role in launching leadership for American campaign to restore the nation’s First Principle back to its rightful place in the heart of American society. However, the most recognized effort by the movement was defeating a treaty that could have left America so vulnerable in the form of the anti-ballistic missile treaty thus making way for deployment of missile defenses (Stanco, 2011). Moreover, the heritage foundation helped in fighting government spending in 2005 a marshal plan for the Gulf Coast in response to Hurricane Katrina.  With proper support and dedication, the foundation can achieve much more.


Stanco, F. B. (2011). Digital imaging for cultural heritage preservation: Analysis, restoration, and reconstruction of ancient artworks. . CRC Press.