Fashion Newsjacking

Fashion Newsjacking

With the advancement in the information technology sector in the world today, newsjacking has become common among various mediums and media houses. Newsjacking is the process of injecting a personal brand into the day’s news to create a twist that grabs the eyes of the readers. It is meant to attract more customers to read the news. On the other hand, vintage fashion is that fashion that represents clothing and fashions that were popular in the 1920s. However, it is possible for a media house to use newsjacking to market their brand and as a result, vintage fashion can be very useful in catching the eye of the reader (Scott, 2011). Below is an example of a news jack that involves vintage fashion.

Vintage fashion has always served as a shining example where individuals stand out for having a chance to wear rare clothing that was widely in the market in the 1920s. Moreover, matching both the vintage and modern fashion clothing gives an individual a unique feeling that is hard to describe and explain. This statement can be used by a company as newsjacking “We cannot get to your wardrobe, but we can make you stand out.”

With vintage fashion, people can get individuality since they do not have to cloth like any other individuals making them unique. Moreover, people have a chance to enjoy quality clothes considering that most of the modern clothes are poorly made and are of low quality compared t o vintage fashion (Scott, 2011).

Despite the fact that vintage fashion is expensive compared to other fashions, it gives a better and greater value to the customers’ funds compared to other fashions making it one of the best fashions in the current era.


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