Formal Referral Process


This will a part of a team assignment. I need an Introduction and the following “Write a paper in which you describe the procedure and process a case manager should take when completing formal referrals” for this order. I have provided a the entire assignment directions so the introduction can be correct. Thank you.Write a paper in which you describe the procedure and process a case manager should take when completing formal referrals and linking clients to services within the community.

Address the importance of developing an individualized service plan.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Sample paper

Formal Referral Process


Case managers are meant to eliminate the bureaucracy that clients might encounter while they are seeking services. Instead, they represent hope; they represent a solid and critical relationship that enables them to address a client’s deep personal crisis. Case management is the way to a client’s stability and provides an opportunity for clients to access integrated services through community collaborative design.  It is therefore important to have an effective referral process within a network of resources. This paper will describe the procedures and processes that case managers should take when completing client referrals. In addition, the paper will discuss why it is important to develop and individualized service plan that meets the exact needs of a client (, 2017).

Procedure and process for completing referrals

A major function of a case manager is linking people with community resources (, 2017). The referral process involves several steps that can be completed over a period of time. The process involves;

  1. Determining need- this is the initial phase that establishes the needs of the client. This information can be provided by a family member, parent, or another service provider. The information is then handed to a case manager to start the referral process.
  2. Review provider list- a case manager has a responsibility to present to the client the list of service providers. However, the client makes the final decision but the case manager can help them narrow down the list of providers considering preferences such as location and type of service.
  • Schedule a tour- tours are mainly scheduled for vocational placement, residential placement, and support services. A case manager schedule and attends tours with clients or their families but the family can also have their own tours scheduled.
  1. Gathering information- after the previous steps are completed and the client is satisfied with everything, the services can start. During application, a case manager collects information such as psychological reports, treatment plans, assessment and medical reports. The formal application must have this information attached.
  2. Intake meeting- the client finalizes their admission into the service in this step. The goals of the treatment plan are updated to feature the new provider. The rules and expectations of the programs are discussed and the start date is confirmed. In addition, any additional documentation is completed so that the client can start the program. At this point, the case manager can organize transportation if needed.
  3. Follow up- case managers should follow up to establish whether the service provider is a good fit for the client. Usually, there exists a 60 day assessment period for the case manager to determine if the provider is suitable for the client and if the client is comfortable receiving services from the provider. A meeting is held around this time to determine if the client is satisfied. If there are any adjustments required, they are discussed at this point. If the client is not happy with the services, the provider ceases to serve the client and a discharge formula is discussed.
  • Transition to monitoring phase- at this point the referral process is complete and the services are in place. The case manager has the responsibility to help the client keep following the service. Finally, the case manager can monitor the progress of the services through monthly phone calls to the client, their family or service provider. Reports are reviewed through regular visits (Gardner, 2015).

In conclusion, case management cannot be successful without an effective referral process or procedure.  The referral process has a great impact on the effectiveness of the treatment programs. The above steps should be adhered to in order to ensure that clients get the best services.

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