Fashion review- Japan fashion week


Please write 3 Japanese designers that have some different design from rest of designers at Japan Fashion week.

what do you think about Japanese fashion?

Analyze these three fashion designers newest collection and compare with others work. How Japanese culture influence them?


Japan Fashion Week Review

Takeshi Kitazawa and Emiko Sato are some of the greatest names in Japan’s fashion industry. Having met in 2006 while working as director and buyer for Candy, they have already achieved important milestones in the fashion industry. The duo established their own label known as “DRESSEDUNDRESSED” back in 2009 (“Amazon Fashion,” 2016a). In 2012, Kitazawa and Emiko successfully held their first spring summer collection during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week held in Tokyo. In 2013, the duo presented their second runway spring summer collection in Tokyo. The event was held at Belle Salle Shibuya Garden. The duo utilizes wool fabrics as well as yarns as the key fabrics in their collections. Wool provides the versatility necessary to create items with various aspects such as warm, cool, tender, sever, soft, or hard. The duo designs unisex items, with black as their signature color. The tailored style, slim fits, wool materials, and black color that make the designs outstanding. Evolving from an underground streetwear brand to world-renowned fashion icons, the duo has cut a deep niche in the fashion industry.

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In 2006, little known Hiroshi Tanida and Emi Nishimoto joined hands to create a world-famous fashion brand, referred to as “bedsidedrama.” Flash forward to 2010 when the duo experienced a breakthrough in the fashion industry by exhibiting their collection at Paris Fashion Week. In 2014, the duo saw another successful year by holding an exhibition at the Milan Fashion Week (“Amazon Fashion,” 2016b). It would be right to say that Tanida and Nishimoto are the most creative designers this fall – with unique and mesmerizing collections to their name. One of the collections is a Siamese shirtdress, designed for, as the name suggests, Siamese twins. The duo is also popular for turning furry animals into scarfs – of course by using quality faux fur. For instance, some of the collections have scarfs with dolls hanging loosely downwards from the bust region. Another collection features an onesie with a chain and a light ball attached.

Yoshikimono is another of the unique Japanese collections, which features contemporary designs by Yoshiki. Besides being one of the greatest Japanese designers, Yoshiki is an active songwriter, classic pianist and drummer. In 2011, Yoshiki introduced the Kimono brand. This was at an event in Asia Girls Explosion, an event held at Yoyogi National Stadium (“Amazon Fashion,” 2016c). This is one of Asia’s biggest fashion and music event. The line of clothing attempts to integrate classic Japanese regalia into the modern fashion sense. Yoshiki had dealt with Kimono designs previously, where he helped run a family business selling kimonos. After the collapse of the business, he relocated abroad. However, his love of the traditional regalia never faltered. After many years, Yoshiki found a way of fusing traditional kimono designs with modern styles, producing an amazing mix drawn from both worlds.

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