Essay on Mental Health in Education

essay on Mental Health in Education. From this essay from your personal point of view discuss the issues around your topic. How can we/ you make change, create healthier choices, help the betterment for society. Essay should be 1600 words or more. Not less than that. At least 5 citation must needed. Two must be an articles from school journals, Canadian reference, using data from 2010- 2024. APA style. Prop intext citations. For this essay I need separate outline also. I attached here what are the steps that you must added in outline. Be very careful this essay you need to talk about the how Gardner’s five minds also relate to the essay topic. Also I attached the rubric for essay please follow it.

So total I need Essay Outline and Essay as two separate documents. topic is Mental Health in Education. You can narrow it down to Mental Health in Canadian University Education Or something. You should create proper Essay topic. So Clearly in this essay you must talk about the issues around the topic and how can we make change. Please Highlight the Thesis Statement in the essay.