Environmental Activists and Corporate Entrepreneurship paper

Topic 1

Environmental Activists

At a lumber mill workers were being injured when the band saw was knocked off the pulleys by metal spikes driven into the trees. Local ecological activists had driven these metal spikes into the trees to make the lumber company stop logging in a specific area. In response, the company ran the trees past a scanner to look for metal. This prevented the men from being injured. So, the activists drilled holes in the live trees and poured concrete into them. The scanners could not pick up the concrete and men began getting hurt again.

  • Were the actions of the environmental activists ethical? Why or why not?
  • What would you do if you were the owner and why?


Topic 2

Discussion Topic: Corporate Entrepreneurship

Please refer to Exhibit 14.7, Who Is The Entrepreneur? In your text, the top right-hand quadrant defines an entrepreneur as being one who has high creativity and innovativeness but not necessarily high management skills and business know-how (Pearce & Robinson, 2013, p. 414).

  • What is intrapreneurship and how is it best enabled?

Sample paper

Topic 1

Environmental activists

Ethics are moral principles that guide individuals or groups behavior. Thus, through ethics, individuals can determine what is wrong and what is right. Irrespective of the love the environmentalist may have on the environment, he did not act in an ethical manner. Ethical principles are meant to act as the basis for all decisions and activities of human beings. Through his actions, the environmentalist did not observe and uphold the principle of fairness and non-maleficence which prevents individuals from harming others (Ganesh, 2013).  Through his actions, more and more workers were injured. He would have used other means to reduce the activities of the company in the region ways that could not result in injuries. If I were the owner of the company, I would report him to the authorities in search of justice to the injured employees as well as their families. Justice to my employees would bring fairness and truth about the activities of the environmentalist.

Topic 2

Corporate entrepreneurship

An entrepreneur is an individual with necessary skills and knowledge on how to perfectly combine factors of production such as people, money and operating resources to meet an identifiable need as well as creating wealth in the process. Besides, an entrepreneur has to display high skills in creativity and management to be in a position to devise the most effective and efficient way to produce a certain product or service. On the other hand, an intrapreneur is an entrepreneur who works in an organization and who uses entrepreneurial skills without associated risks (Drucker, 2014). The only way to encourage this behavior is to encourage freedom and creativity in an organization. Moreover, use of rewards such as promotion and monetary rewards can also work effectively.


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