Employment and Staffing -HR400


Employment and Staffing –Unit 5 HR400

Assignment: Competency–Based Questions
The use of competency–based interview questions is an effective means to assess an applicant’s
qualifications by relating past performance to job competencies. For this Assignment, you will develop
a set of questions to use in an interview scenario.
Learning Activity
It is strongly recommended that you complete this Learning Activity after completing all the unit
readings and before beginning your Assignment. This will help you practice important concepts
related to skills needed for the Assignment.
Before starting this Assignment, review the Assignment Checklist. Then, in a separate Word
document, write a 1–2 page paper based on the following scenario:
You are the hiring manager at a major home improvement retailer, Home Improvement Center, and
need to fill a position for a night shift supervisor. Applicants should have retail experience and some
supervisory experience. Develop a set of questions to ask in interviews for this position based on the
1. Develop one question for the interview introductory stage. Explain why you chose this
2. Develop eight competency–based questions for the core stage. Explain why you chose these
3. Develop one question for the confirmation stage. Explain why you chose this question.
4. Develop one question for the closing stage. Explain why you chose this question.

Night shift position interview questions

Introductory question

Tell us about yourself and the reasons why you think you are qualified for this position.

The introductory question acts like an orientation where the interviewee is given an opportunity to introduce him or herself to the interviewer. Usually, at this stage, the interviewer examines the candidate’s ability to express themselves as well as their level of abilities concerning the position at hand National Film Board of Canada, 2016). Additionally, this question gives the interviewer an opportunity to gauge the candidate’s ability to plan, to solve problems, decision making as well as giving information on the candidate’s previous working position and place.

Core stage questions

  1. What is the most paramount thing that an enterprise must own to ensure that employees work effectively and efficiently?
  2. How flexible are you to changes in the work environment?
  3. Give an example of a work situation where you needed to make a critical decision.
  4. Give an instance in the workplace where you as the supervisor have created the most success.
  5. What is the biggest challenge experienced on the team that you have previously worked with?
  6. Tell us about events and circumstances where you had to make new plans following new information that had not previously availed to you.
  7. Through which ways can you encourage team building in the workplace among fellow employees?
  8. What disciplinary actions do you recommend to a supervisor who has an insubordinate employee in his team?

Competency question should help the interviewer explore and examine the candidate’s personal skills, attitude and general knowledge regarding the position at hand. Therefore, all the competency questions should seek to reveal the potential in the candidate.  To come up with the best competency questions, the interviewer should go through past records of their performance and the progress in his previous workplace. Additionally, these interview questions are meant to reveal personal traits and different ways to which they can react and act during a various situation in their new position in the workplace (Certo, 2016). Therefore, the response offered by the interviewee reveals the inner feeling of the candidate. This part of the interview shows the communication skills, their level of decision making and their leadership qualities.

Confirmation stage

Tell us what a normal day in supervisor position would be like?

At this stage, the question put forth by the interviewer helps to determine the sincerity, truthiness, and commitment of the interviewee.  Therefore, the employer poses the question in the context of the candidate in his or her full capacity in the position that needs to be filled. The response offered by the interviewee may or may not confirm that they have the necessary skills and knowledge to fill the position.

Closing stage

If given the opportunity what contribution would you make in your capacity and where do you see yourself in the next five years?

The question seeks to know how prepared the applicant is to fill the position and make a contribution to the organization.  The employer always looks for the best talent that will positively contribute to the organization and further the goals and objectives of the organization. Additionally, it helps to determine whether the applicant is ambitious and ready to make changes in the organization or they are conservatives who follow the instructions to the letter (Certo, 2016). Depending on the responses of the applicants in all stages, they may land or miss the job.


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