Dissertation consulting services

You might be wondering what dissertation consulting is all about or who are dissertation consultants. Dissertation consulting is an academic process of mentoring students who are writing their dissertation papers. It is important to note that dissertation writing is a major requirement before they can graduate.

Dissertation consultants are experienced and skilled academicians with Ph.D. or masters level who are capable of guiding students pursuing various degrees to be able to choose the right topic and deliver a perfect thesis or dissertation.

Studies show that there are several students over 40% who fail to graduate because they cannot complete the dissertation or thesis work. Because of that reason students result in using dissertation consulting and editing services.

Dissertation basic structure

Not all dissertations have the same structure. It depends on your research topic, discipline and approach. For example, dissertations written in humanities tend to be long essays whereas if you are doing a science dissertation it will have below structure.

1.      Title page

Dissertation first page should have the title, student name, institution, department, the program you are studying and date of submission. The dissertation title should be precise and descriptive.

2.      Acknowledgments

This part is optional in dissertation and thesis writing. Normally when doing research there those people or organizations that come into your help. You can acknowledge them if you feel there is a need or fail to include this part. If you are going to write acknowledgment you can include your family members, research participants, and your supervisors.

3.      Abstract

The dissertation short summary is called abstract. It is normally between 150 – 300 words long.A perfect dissertation or thesis abstract should include the following:

  • Include the main topic.
  • State research aims.
  • State methods used in the research.
  • In brief, write the main results of the research.
  • Write a conclusion.

Supervisors recommend writing abstract once you are done writing the whole dissertation because you will have full knowledge of the topic.

4.      Table of contents

The table of content outlines the dissertation structure. If you have not keenly followed or added all the chapters in the dissertation paper they will be visible by a single glance on the table of contents. A table of contents should include all the chapters, their subheadings, and page numbers.

Note that using a word you can generate a table of content if you included heading.

5.      Introduction

In the introduction, it is where the writer introduces the topic to readers and explains the purpose of the research at hand. Once the reader is done reading the introduction he/she should know what to expect. A good introduction for a dissertation should have the following qualities:-

  • State down the research topic and all background information.
  • Write the research scope while narrowing down the topic focus.
  • Look into previous research on the same topic.
  • Indicate your research questions.
  • Give a detailed overview of the structure your dissertation will take.

All the information that you give in the introduction should engage the readers, it should be relevant and clear.

6.      Theoretical framework or Literature review

Before you can start writing your dissertation paper, thorough research on the topic should be done to gain an understanding of the topic. Wondering how to do a literature review? You should:

  • Look at journals and books then select the relevant ones.
  • Analyze and evaluate every source you have.
  • Make connections between the sources to come up with patterns and gaps.

7.      Research methodology

Methodology chapter details how you did the research giving the readers chances to assess the validity of your results. Include the following in research methodology:

  • Research type e.g. experimenting, quantitative or qualitative.
  • Data collection methods for example surveys, archives, and interviews.
  • Indicate details of where and when you did the research.
  • Indicate data analysis methods.
  • Materials and tools used.
  • Problems you encountered while doing research and ways you overcame them.
  • Research methods evaluation.

8.      Results and finding

There are various ways of presenting the results of a dissertation. A dissertation should be clear about the results and discuss them.

If you are writing a dissertation about social sciences, you should demonstrate findings that will put together the results and discussions.

9.      Discussion

Under the discussion chapter, the writer reviews the meaning and implications of the result. The results are interpreted in detail discussing if they fit the framework that you came up with within the earlier chapters.

10.  Conclusion

This is a very important section in dissertation writing. It is a summary of all the research. All the key points are included here.

11.  References

References also are known as bibliographies. There are various kinds of referencing and it is upon the lecture or professor to provide you with the referencing style that you should use.

12.  Appendices

The final part of any dissertation paper is appendices. This part contains only the important information that answers the research topic or question.

In case you included documents like interviews, tables, and figures that do not fit in the dissertation body can be included here.

Editing and proofreading

The final stage of dissertation writing is editing and proofreading. If you cannot edit and proofread, you can hire dissertation consultants who can help you in editing your paper. Apart from editing, formatting your dissertation paper to meet the required guidelines is very important. There are several services online that offer dissertation editing help however not all are legit.

Why students need dissertation help

There are several reasons why students seek help form dissertation consulting services that help them in completing their research work. Student’s curriculums in USA, Uk, Canada and Australia, dissertation plays are a very important and crucial role.

There are students who cannot do dissertation formatting correctly and therefore consultants come to their help. It is important to note that dissertation-consulting services do not only coach students but they can also do the actual writing.

Every student is required to submit a professional dissertation in order for them to score good grades. Overall student grade is determined by all the assignments , term papers, and other academic writings.

With the help of a dissertation consultant, you can ease out the stress that comes along way with writing a dissertation or thesis paper. There are experts who are capable of meeting all the dissertation requirements.

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Our dissertation consulting  help

Stuck writing your dissertation, this is the right service for you. We will help you with the following services at affordable prices.

  1. Choosing topic-The topic choice is very important before you can even begin writing the dissertation. Our dissertation experts will help you in selecting a good topic that can lead to research depending on your discipline.
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  3. Introduction-With help of our writers working closely with you, we will identify the research problem.
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  6. IRB-IRB review process is a tough one especially for students who are not aware of it. Will help you in navigating and completing it.
  7. Managing Data-We will be there to help you in overall data management i.e. Merging, cleaning and code.
  8. Dissertation data analysis help– Data plan validating, conducting descriptive statistics i.e. quantitative and qualitative data analysis.
  9. Discussion-After we are done writing findings and results in interpretation, we will help you in coming up with future research.
  10. Power point-We will prepare your PowerPoint presentation.
  11. During your oral defense, we will help you in preparing.

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