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Communication technology refers to all the hardware and software that are used in the processing and communicating information. Processing and communication information involves-Data gathering, storage, retrieving, processing, analyzing and disseminating. Communication technology is also referred to as Information technology. In every organization, it is the task of ICT professionals to develop, install and maintain all the systems ie hardware and software useful in communication technology. All ICT professionals who pursue undergraduate or postgraduate come across all types of assignments on various subjects on communication technology. Doing assignment communication technology is one of the toughest parts in pursuing an ICT course. Because of that reason, As Speedy writers we found the need to come up with information and communication technology assignment help to assist students who are pursuing computer science and other ICT related degrees, diploma, masters or Ph.D. courses.

In this article, we will not only discuss assignment communication technology but we will focus on understanding everything about ICT.

Types of communication technology

Technology has changed the ways in which people communicate with each other. Nowadays there are several, easy and cheap ways to send and receive information from different parts of the world. Below are the major ways in which people communicate around the world.

  • Mobile phone and Telephones

The telephone was invented by Alexander Graham bell in 1876. During those days, the telephone used landlines installed from one house to another in order for people to communicate. Undersea cables enabled countries to communicate with one another.

It was until 1973 when Dr. Martin Cooper invented the first mobile phone or the cell phone and he made the first call to Graham. The cell phone made communication easier because it did not require interconnected cables but the use of satellites and towers. The invention made it possible to send messages, videos, and images other than vocal communications alone.

  • Radio

Radio is a technology of sending signals and communicating by the use of radio waves. In the early days ie between the 1900s and 1910s radio, technology was mainly used by the sea vessels to enable them to communicate with others.

Later on, Radio started being used in the form of advertising. In order to gain listeners, radio producers incorporated entertainment.

  • Television

After the invention of the radio, then came to the invention of Television by Lee DeForest in 1947. Television or tele is a telecommunication media used transmitting both sound and moving images. At first, no one ever thought that televisions were feasible and they could have any commercial or financial value.

According to WIKIPEDIA Television is the main mass media in the USA with 96% of citizens own at least one TV set.

  • Internet

The Internet is a global interconnection of computer systems. High bandwidth cable connections called backbone connects continents easing data distribution.

The Internet came into use in the 1990s because of research on previous telecommunications projects like those that ARPANET.

 The Internet was used by the military to connect different computers in order to transfer data between computers.

Over the years, the use of the internet has exploded with over 2.5 billion users using the internet across the world.

What study students in Information communication technology course?

When studying ICT courses, students acquire basic knowledge and then they can specialize in different areas.

  • Computer systems component- This is mostly done in the first semester where students learn different types of computer hardware and their functions. Students learn how various hardware can be interlinked for them to communicate. Students also learn the importance of computer components like motherboard, RAM, ROM, CPU, etc.
  • Different computer and wireless technologies -Students get to learn various types of computers like tablets, laptops, and smartphones. They also go in deep detail to learn different wireless communication methods like 3G, 2G, etc.
  • Computer operating systems -There are two major operating systems ie Linux and Microsoft OS. Students here learn different command lines used in various operating systems and using the graphical user interface. At the end of OS units, students are capable of understanding how operating systems function in performing various tasks.
  • New technologies -There are several emerging technologies in ICT that are changing people’s lives. Some of the emerging technologies include the following:- Artificial intelligence, Robotics, Biometrics
  • System security and safety -This is a necessity in every organization to have a cyber-security expert who can mitigate and prevent cyber-attacks. Through cyber-attacks, companies can lose very critical information to their competitors and even lose money through fraud. Actually, cybersecurity are some of the emerging course that is on-demand in ICT.
  • Applications of ICT in various industries -In every company or industry, there is an ICT department. The ICT department is very critical for the day-to-day operations of any company. As an ICT student, you have to understand how information systems are being used in various types of industries. For example, learn how ICT is useful in medical research, scientific laboratories, booking systems, banking, etc.
  • Networking issues -There is a lot to study about the network. Students learn various methods of data transfer and security problems that they should address. Network and communication issues are mainly about data security during transfer over the network.
  • Computer networks- In this unit in the ICT course explains how various network systems are used. Here students understand how the internet, internet service provider, routers and other networking devices work seamlessly to form LAN, WAN, and WLAN. Configuration and troubleshooting of the devices is very important when studying computer networks.
  • Data storage devices- Students get a chance to experiment using various storage devices like hard disks, tapes, drives, flash, etc. Processed data is stored in the form of information. Information storage matters because some devices can corrupt it making it useless. For example, information stored in a flash with a virus can be corrupted and it can require a data recovery specialist to recover it.
  • Output and input devices –Raw data is fed to the computer-using keyboard, scanners, mouse, cameras, microphones, and joysticks. Once the data has been processed, it is output using output devices like Monitor, printer, headphones, etc.

With the above information, you now understand how vast information technology courses can be. Several students face many problems when working on an assignment on ICT. For example, students doing programming, if they are given networking assignments they are likely to get bored and they will not deliver quality papers.

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Frequently asked questions

Below questions, a student asks regarding assignment communication technology students ask.

What are the advantages of communication technology?

  1. Technology has made it easy for everyone to voice out their concerns especially those who cannot speak in public.
  2. Helped to reduced stereotyping -The fact that communication technology has done away with face-to-face communication, has reduced stereotyping especially among company employees. This boasts employee self –esteem and they are able to perform better.
  3. Discussions are nowadays more open- Through forums and chat groups, every employee even the low-level managers are able to contribute and aid in critical decisions making in an organization. Everyone can hire his or her views without any fear.
  4. It is now easy to manage information –Nowadays some organizations have gone paperless ie they do not require to keep huge files in the office to store and retrieve customer’s or client’s information. ICT systems have made it easy to store information in computer systems and it can be retrieved from any place by accessing the internet. This has made the organization more productive because technology saves most of the time that could be used organizing files.
  5. ICT speeds communication and information sending- Use of emails, faxes, Voice over internet and text messaging systems, it is now easy to send any kind of information from one organization branch to another with ease. Data can also be accessed from one central place over the internet called database.
  6. Speeds organization decision making- Use of communication technology systems, it is now easy to make critical organization decisions within hours. Computer software is capable of analyzing information and decision can be made depending on the data retrieved from the company database. You do have to spend long hours boardroom meetings to make decisions.

Above are just a few positive impacts on communication technology. The development of communication technology systems are not only coming along with positive impact but there is also a negative impact on society. With that said, let now look at some of the negative, impacts of communication technology.

What are the disadvantages of communication technology?

  1. Risks of cyber-attack -Communication technology systems centralize information in one database. If there are no measures to prevent access by the wrong people, organization information is at risk. In addition, hackers can compromise information integrity if they are capable of gaining access. Attacks by the virus also can lead to data loss in just one minute. Organizations are incurring more costs hiring cybersecurity experts, acquiring hardware and software that can mitigate cyber threats.
  2. It is costly to install communication technology system -Only organizations with funds are capable of installing and maintaining communication systems. An Information communication system will require servers, end-user computers, networking devices like routers, internet service provider and software that have run on the computers.
  3. Social media has reduced social interaction among people -Due to increase the use of communication technology, listening and speaking skills have degraded since people are nowadays communicating over the internet.
  4. Has led to a digital divide among people born in different digital era times.
  5. Increased cyber-bullying has led to deaths.

What are the examples of information communication technology?

There are several examples of communication technology that we can list. Below is a list of just a few major examples:-

  • Internet,
  • Computers,
  • social media,
  • Podcasts
  • DVDs,
  • Emails,
  • Videotapes etc.


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