Define the term Culture Wars and its history in American society

Now that we have examined Biblical principles of government and statesmanship as well as the major categories of public policy, we will now examine the future of public policy and whether a Biblical perspective on government and statesmanship is still relevant today, and if so, how.

1. Define the term Culture Wars and its history in American society.

2. Evaluate the impact of the Culture Wars on American public policy.

3. Evaluate the state of competing political ideologies in the policy arena today, particularly in light of issues such “Black Lives Matter”, the “Me Too Movement”. Remember to refer to our discussion of political ideologies

4. Discuss ways forward based on what we have learned from past policy interventions.

5. Synthesize the above with a biblical model of government and statesmanship.

A. Add 25 scholarly sources

B. Use biblical truth throughout to support or defend policy issues (use bible verses)

C. Use examples to support claims throughout if needed

D. Use Author-Date style for in-text citation and references

E. Try to include 3-4 in-text citations per paragraph

Additional references:

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