Crisis and Leviathan: WWII to the 1980s


In the Twentieth Century, the United States of America reached unprecedented heights of global respect and vision as a result of the country’s efforts to rid the world of oppression. World War II changed everything from manufacturing methods and materials from which products are made to corporate consolidation to fundamental societal changes. The post-war years further saw fundamental changes in the country. As in all eras, it can be debated whether some of the changes were good or bad, depending on perspective. The one constant over some 230+ years has been change. As we occupy more of the Twenty-first Century, further change will be realized.

We will examine the period of time following World War II, to the, and including, the 1980s. This was an era of great economic expansion brought about by many of the innovations in materials, manufacturing methods, and inventions brought about by the war. This economic growth led to an expanding American middle class. The Great Depression followed by the wartime focus on military production during the war left the American consumer deprived of goods that improved efficiency and made life easier and leisure more common. This tremendous unmet demand fueled the postwar economic boom. Huge corporations now controlled the business structure. Socially, the baby boom was set off, integration, educational attainment increased, expanded transportation made it easy to change location, and communications changed. And, politics changed as the public became more informed through the new media, television!
What has been the single most significant change to constitutional order from “original intent” to the present public policy status in the United States?

• Explain the “Crisis and Leviathan”
• Define “for the common good”
• Describe the social change that came out of the 1980s

Remember, this is a blank canvas where you can interpret, analyze, and even opine.

Assignment Specifics:

• Citations from at least 10 scholarly sources and all required readings and presentations
• 12-15 double-spaced pages of content, not counting the title page or references
• Double-spaced
• Current Turabian Format

Required readings: Higgs, R. 2012. Crisis and Leviathan: Critical Episodes in the Growth of American Government. (Independent Studies in Political Economy) 25th Anniversary Edition

Please cite all resources.