Chevrolet Camaro Advertising

Chevrolet Camaro features a diverse class of automobiles manufacture by Chevrolet. The Chevrolet Camaro is in the class of pony cars, which includes cars with sporty image and high performance capabilities. The first model of Chevrolet Camaro was launched in 1966. Over the years, a number of new models have been released in the market, the latest being the sixth generation Camaro. The launch of the sixth generation Chevrolet Camaro occurred in 2015. Another notable model includes the fifth generation Chevrolet Camaro, which went on sale in 2007. The Chevrolet Camaro model has largely been successful partly due to their high performance and promotion activities conducted by the company. This paper examines how the company utilizes elements of the promotional mix to market the Camaro class of cars.

Chevrolet Camaro Advertising

Advertising involves use of paid form of public medium to pass promotional messages relating to a product. In 2014, Chevrolet designed a commercial that was ran on TV to increase sales of the Chevrolet Camaro series. The 2014 commercial targeted at creating awareness to the public about the performance of the Chevrolet Camaro series, with communication messages informing consumers of its ability to “Stick to the road”. The commercial also passes promotional messages relating to the car’s precision when on the road. With the launch of the sixth generation, the company designed another commercial that was run on major TV stations with the promotional message “make it yours.” The new commercial features the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro with flat tires, LED accents, discharge headlights, and rear spoiler. The advertisement aims at enticing consumers to make purchases of the new product, without detailing much about the performance details. As such, the advert is primarily concerned with making visual appeals rather than providing important information about the product.

Chevrolet Camaro Direct marketing
Chevrolet Camaro Direct marketing

Chevrolet Camaro Direct marketing

Over the years, Chevrolet has conducted a number of direct marketing campaigns with the aim of generating responses and/or transactions. Chevrolet interacts directly with consumers through an online platform or website (Chevrolet, 2016). The platform enables the company to respond direct to consumers about any queries they raise. The company maintains a team of dedicated customer service representatives who are able to interact with consumers directly through the online platform. Customers are able to make online purchases of Chevrolet Camaro and have the car delivered to the place of their choice. This is part of an effort by the company to drive sales through online selling, instead of customers having to go to dealerships. Apart from the online platform, Chevrolet also maintains a customer database with emails and telephone numbers. The company utilizes its email directory to contact customers, often providing details about new products and availability of spare parts to old customers. Chevrolet is able to obtain direct mailing lists for its customers from a company such as Hedges & Company that stores mailing lists from all vehicle manufacturers.

Chevrolet Camaro  Interactive/Internet Marketing

Over the years, Chevrolet has established internet marketing campaigns that involve sale of products as well as providing a platform for interacting with customers. Internet marketing enables the company to directly interact with customers and obtain feedback. The company maintains a dedicated web platform that enables its customers to chat, call, email, and request information. Customers receive feedback almost instantly depending on the channel of communication they choose from the web platform. Calls and chats enable customers to communicate directly with representatives and obtains instant feedback. According to Wolfington (2006), Chevrolet has used internet-marketing campaigns to sell additional 85 units per month for over five years. The common strategy used by the company involves e-mail marketing whereby the company conducts buzz mail campaigns. Buzz mail campaigns target customers who are already in the company’s database. With application of customer relations management tools, the company is able to quickly sort multi-media email messages and send them with ease.

Chevrolet Camaro Sales Promotion

Chevrolet conducts sales promotions in two categories: the consumer-oriented category and trade-oriented category.  In the consumer-oriented category, Chevrolet has launched a number of promotional campaigns aimed at increasing sales of the 2016 series. One of its promotional campaigns launched in 2016 promises customers a 0% annual percentage rate for up to 72 months for specific models of its cars (GM Authority Staff, 2016). The offer targets qualified buyers and applies to a range of cars such as 2016 Cruze, 2016 Colorado, 2016 Chevrolet Silverado, 2016 Camaro, and among other models. Trade-oriented promotions target the dealer network. The aim of trade-oriented promotions is to encourage the dealers to sell more of a product. Trade-oriented promotion is a form of push strategy. Chevrolet encourages volume sales of the Camaro model by providing cash payments to dealers who reach specified targets in sales.

Fig 2: Chevrolet Camaro: “Tested and Perfected”

Chevrolet Camaro: “Tested and Perfected”
Chevrolet Camaro: “Tested and Perfected”

Chevrolet Camaro Publicity

The company has in the past engaged in publicity campaigns aimed at indirectly promoting the sale of its Camaro series. The Camaro series has grazed over the years publicity platforms through the film industry. In 2007, the Camaro model received great attention when it was featured in the movie “Transformers.” The publicity campaigns attracted a generation of young and aspiring drivers who saw it as a high performance concept car. In 2012, the third edition of the film hit the theatres. Once again, the Camaro featured in the movie as a high-performance car with extraordinary features (Headley, 2012). Despite there being an element depicting exaggeration of the cars performance in the film, the publicity created increased sales marginally.

Camaro series in the “Transformers’ film.”

Camaro series in the “Transformers’ film
Camaro series in the “Transformers’ film

Chevrolet Camaro public Relations

Public relations involve implementing programs or activities meant to gain public acceptance and understanding. In 2015, Chevrolet introduced a public relations campaign dubbed “A Brand For Me.” This public relations campaign aimed at humanizing the Chevrolet brand, and specifically the Camaro series of cars that the company planned to introduce later in the year. The public relations campaign came amidst falling car sales in the United States among all the major car manufacturers. The campaign aims at reaching out to fans, developing a positive image of the new models including 2016 Camaro, and in expanding the market boundaries. One of the strategies employed in this campaign was to create positive stories or buzz about the new Camaro series.

Chevrolet Camaro  Personal Selling

Chevrolet greatly employs personal selling as one of its core advertising strategies. Personal selling involves efforts by the sellers to make direct contact with the buyers in a bid to persuade them to make a purchase. Chevrolet has mainly applied personal selling though its wide network of dealers who directly engage customers in the field. Dealers also maintain trained sales representatives who further engage the consumers. Other direct selling efforts are reflected in the online platforms such as the social media. Chevrolet dealers rely on the social media in order to engage the customers directly. In 2015, Chevrolet created a Facebook page meant to enhance personal engagement with the buyers. By the end of the year, the page had gained over 20,000 likes. The page also acted as a platform where Chevrolet could easily obtain feedback from customers.


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