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Discuss Enterprise Architecture and How it Supplements and Enables Each Phase of SDLC

Enterprise architecture (EA) is the practice of analyzing, designing, planning, and implementing enterprise analysis to enable the successful execution of business strategies. EA helps businesses structure IT projects and policies to achieve desired business results and to stay on top of industry trends and disruptions using architecture principles and practices.

The goal of enterprise architecture is to create a standard IT environment with tight symbiotic links to the business side of the organization and its strategy. It promotes alignment, standardization, reuse of existing IT assets, and the sharing of common methods for project management and software development across the organization. If all these are implemented strategically and successfully, the result is cheaper, more effective Information Technology.

Enterprise architecture creates a map of IT assets and business processes and sets principles to govern discussions on business strategy and IT.

Enterprise Architecture and SDLC phases are related by the fact that EA provides the strategy and procedures to be followed during SDLC.

Importance of Enterprise Architecture

EA offers support for re-designs and re-organization during major organizational changes, mergers, or acquisitions. It also adds to the discipline in the organization by offering standard and uniform processes for more consistency.

EA is also used in system development, IT management and decision-making, and IT risk management to eliminate errors, system failures, and security breaches. It can also help businesses navigate complex IT structures or to make IT more accessible to other business units.

Other benefits of Enterprise Architecture include:

  • Allowing more transparent collaboration between IT and other business units
  • Giving business the ability to prioritize investments
  • Making it easier to evaluate existing architecture against long-term goals
  • Establishing processes to evaluate and procure technology
  • Giving a comprehensive view of IT architecture to all business units outside of IT
  • Providing a benchmarking framework to compare results against those of other organizations or standards

Software Development Life Cycle

It is also known as the Software Development Process.

It is comprised of a framework that defines tasks that are performed at every stage in the software development process.

SDLC explains how to develop, maintain, replace, and alter specific software. It is set to improve the quality of software and the overall development process.

SDLC Phases

  • Planning and Requirement Analysis

This is the most important and fundamental stage in SDLC. It is performed by the senior members of the team with inputs from the customer, the sales department, market surveys, and domain experts in the industry. This information is then used to plan the basic project approach and to conduct a product feasibility study in the economical, operational, and technical areas. The outcome of this study will define the technical approaches that can be followed to implement the project successfully with minimum risks.

  • Defining Requirements

This step involves a clear definition and documentation of the product requirements together with approval from both customer and market analysts.

It is done through a Software Requirement Specification (SRS) document which contains all the product requirements that need to be designed and developed during the project’s life cycle.

  • Designing the Product Architecture

Various design approaches for the product architecture are proposed and documented in a Design Document Specification (DDS). The DDS is reviewed by all concerned stakeholders and the best design approach is selected for the product. This decision is influenced by factors such as budget, product size, design modularity, time limitations, and risk assessment.

  • Developing the Product

The actual development and building of the product start here.DDA generates the programming code and the design is performed with a focus on detail and order to generate the code.

Developers are supposed to follow the coding guidelines defined by their organization and programming tools like compilers, interpreters, and debuggers are used to generate the code. Different high-level programming languages are used for coding. The programming language is chosen concerning the type of software being developed.

  • Testing the Product

This testing is done to detect, report, track, fix, and retest product defects until the product attain the quality standards defined in the Software Requirement Specification.

  • .Deployment in the Market

When the product has been tested and deemed ready, it is released into the appropriate market. Product deployment may happen in stages, depending on the business strategy of the organization in question. Sometimes a product may be released in a limited segment to be tested in the real business environment. This is commonly known as User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

The product is then released as it is or with suggested enhancements, depending on the feedback from UAT.

  • Maintenance

After the deployment of a product into the market, maintenance is carried out from time to time especially if there is a hitch or need for enhancement. These issues are taken care of by the developers.


How Enterprise Architecture Supplements and Enables Each Phase of SDLC

EA contributes to the development of optimal designs of various systems, including every stage of SDLC.

Preliminary Analysis Phase

This is where the concept of the product is conceived and the planning begins. It involves the execution of preliminary appraisals, the proposition of different solutions, description of costs along with benefits, and the submission of preliminary recommendations.

System developers consider every priority and how it should be addressed. Feasibility studies are conducted to establish the viability of improving or replacing the systems in question. The studies should cover the systems’ operational, economic, technical, political, legal, and human factor aspects.

In this phase, Enterprise Architecture provides critical input before the happening of in-depth vendor management. It helps determine the application assets, or resources, that ought to be purchased. Other significant processes establish the projects’ courses and the application resources that ought to be bought. Such processes relate to how particular solutions would be incorporated into given environments and how they ought to be developed.

Requirements Analysis Phase

In this phase, Enterprise Architecture comes in handy in the analysis of the information requirements of intended end-users and removing any incompleteness and inconsistencies in the requirements. It helps to appraise the planned systems and prepare the necessary specifications for the product being developed.

Design Phase

Enterprise architects depend on developers along with domain architects to describe the planned systems in detail. Enterprise Architecture practitioners visualize how the subsystems or modules will fit into given enterprises and create helpful design patterns and optimized design configurations. All this effort makes it easier to review system designs upon their completion.


Development Phase

Here Enterprise Architecture specialists help in optimizing application coding efforts. They provide insights into the standardization of coding processes and ensure that the processes follow laid down governance regulations.

Testing Phase

EA professionals determine how the attendant applications may be changed to optimize their eventual utility. If they establish that there are considerable architectural changes, they review those changes and assist project teams in conducting them appropriately.

Deployment and Maintenance Phases

In this phase, Enterprise Architecture guides the making of the required changes to the original software to make sure they do not turn into discontinuance.

System deployment includes enhancements and changes before decommissioning of the system. When software deployment is underway, EA specialists should not be engaged unless there are explicit needs.

Even so, they are very helpful in the optimization of software deployment procedures.

criminal justice homework help

Criminal Justice Homework Help

criminal justice homework help
We can help you with your criminal justice assignment

For you to tackle any criminal justice assignment successfully, you need to understand exactly what it is and how it relates to our everyday life. Only then will you have a clear perspective on the angle you are supposed to take with your essay, dependent on the specific question or topic at hand.


What is Criminal Justice?

Criminal justice is a collection of agencies and processes working together to ensure that justice is served to those who have committed a crime. It is not only about punishment but also controlling, minimizing, and rehabilitating crime. There are also institutions and government agencies which provide moral support for victims of various crimes.

Criminal justice is based on adherence to the rule of law. In the United States, criminal justice is categorized into different levels. These include the state, federal and local levels. Criminal justice is exercised daily by the police, prosecution, defense lawyers, courts, and prisons.

Reasons to Study Criminal Justice

  • Helping keep criminals out of society and deliver justice to those affected

If your interest in criminal justice stems from a need to help other people and keep the peace in your community, your heart is in the right place. People who work in the institutions named above earn a good living but there are a lot of sacrifices and hard work so you have to love what you do.

  • A lot of career options available

With criminal justice, you can work in law enforcement, become a detective, parole officer, or probation officer or even delve into cybercrime. All you need to do is find your passion or interest and let it guide you into becoming a member of the criminal justice community.

You can also work in institutions like Social Services, Immigration and Customs, the Federal Bureau of Prisons, and many more.

  • Criminal justice careers are very exciting

You do not have to worry about sitting at a desk from 9 to 5 every single day. You get to travel, meet new people, conduct investigations, and even work on all manners of cases.

You can rest assured that you’ll never be bored.

  • There is always a demand for criminal justice majors.

Since law enforcement and public safety will always be a necessity, there will always be a job opening that requires your particular set of skills.

You get to put what you’ve been taught into action while also learning on the job and if you work smart enough, the promotions and salary increments will soon follow.

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How to Write a Good Assignment

Writing a good criminal justice assignment begins way before you start to write. This is what we call the data collection phase. You need to gather all information related to your topic, be it textbooks, databases, archives, or journals.

Next, you need to develop the format which your assignment will take. If you just throw all your points into the assignment or worse, arrange your content in a haphazard manner, you will not pass. As always, your assignment needs an introduction, body, and conclusion.

Being concise and relevant helps put across your points much better and keeps the reader interested. Do not add unnecessary information to increase your word count because your teacher is going to notice it.

The main body is where you get to show what you are made of. You should portray both your research and writing skills in a way that complements the information you are putting across. Close attention must be paid to paragraphing and the overall coherence of your assignment.

The conclusion is normally just a summary of the main ideas in your assignment and a justification or closing argument to support your thesis.

This sometimes comes as a bit of a task, even for the brightest students, and that is why we are here to offer you criminal justice homework help.

Areas of Criminal Justice

  • Law enforcement

Once a crime has been committed, the police handle the recording of statements, investigations, arrests, and also testimonies during the court hearings.

  • Prosecution

Prosecutors who represent respective states and file charges against lawbreakers.

  • Courts

This is where formal cases against offenders take place. Judges preside over the hearings and give sentences when the trial is over.

  • Correctional facilities

These have correction officers, parole, and probation officers who help rehabilitate the offenders so they can come out as better reformed citizens.

Why for Criminal Justice for Homework Assignments Help

Here at, our business is helping you hand in perfect assignments for perfect grades. Criminal justice homework help is something we do regularly and we are committed to giving you exactly what you have asked for. When you give us a criminal justice writing assignment, we allocate it to specialist writers who are well versed with that niche to ensure that what you receive is top content work. What’s more? We will revise your work as many times as we need to cover your requirements satisfactorily.

Our prices are very student-friendly and there is always responsive customer support to help you with your queries at all times.

Related Questions

What are some good criminal justice research topics?

There are more than a hundred topics related to criminal justice that can make good research topics. Some of them include Criminology, Types of crime, Criminal justice ethics, criminology theories, and the History of criminology.

If you are looking for a criminal justice research topic, do some research and settle on the one that intrigues you the most then you can dig into it as much as you like.

Is criminal justice a good career choice?

It is. Criminal justice offers an array of lucrative jobs that will see you have the most exciting experiences on the job. If you are interested in public safety and making a difference in society, there is no reason why you shouldn’t pursue it.

Is criminology hard to study?

Criminology is one of the most well-researched courses that exist. There are thousands of reading materials and authorities to help navigate through your studies.

Like every other course out there, you have to put in a little effort and be eager to learn so that you can take in as much as there is to learn about it.

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