Choose one scenario from the list below: Campus Safety,Smoking and Vaping,Teen Curfew

  1. Choose one scenario from the list below:
    • Campus Safety—The parents of local high school students are concerned about student safety on campus. At the recent school board meeting, they proposed installing metal detectors at the entrance to each high school.
    • Smoking and Vaping—Local health officials warn there has been a sharp rise in minors with lung damage and disease related to smoking, vaping, or involuntary inhalation. At a council meeting, they proposed a ban on the sale of tobacco and vape products anywhere in the county.
    • Teen Curfew—Local arrest reports show that most violent crimes occur in the hours between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m. The data also reveal that most suspects and victims are teenagers. The city council has proposed a 10 p.m. curfew for all minors (those under 18 years of age).
  2. Based on your scenario, research the rationale for and against the proposed action. You will need at least four reputable sources total—two in support of and two against the proposed action. Sources could be government websites, interest groups, or even research organizations. You might find sources that detail both support and opposition—just be sure that you have balanced research. Cite your sources in MLA Citation Style. You may find this activity on how to Research helpful to get started.
  3. Write your essay using the following structure:
    1. Introduce your chosen scenario, discussing why it is an issue. Describe the limitation to individual rights or interests that is proposed in the scenario.
    2. Discuss at least two reasons to support this limitation. Refer to your research sources to support these reasons.
    3. Discuss at least two reasons to oppose this limitation. Refer to your research sources to support these reasons.
    4. Take a stand. Conclude with which side has the strongest argument and the reasons why it is more robust, considering your research evidence.
  4. Cite your sources using MLA format. List them at the bottom of your essay. Review your essay for spelling, grammar, and clarity.