Breast Cancer in African American women

Topic: Breast Cancer in African American Women. You can twerk the topic to fit your writing but it would be related to breast Cancer. Make sure to state a testable hypothesis in bold.

Assignment Instructions

Literature Review

Reputable research endeavors start with a supportive literature review, which is a collection of scholarly material that relates to the main research topic. The literature review allows the reader to: (a) familiarize with the topic of the research, (b) learn about the available knowledge and work related to the research topic, (c) develop a robust background about the topic, and it often (d) defines the credibility of the writer, based on the sources selected and how they are presented.

A review of the literature is more than a simple summary of the material found. An effective literature review includes a critical evaluation of the material found, along with a summary of the content of the sources. The goals of the literature review are to gain knowledge of the subject, form an opinion about the strengths, weaknesses, and quality of the reviewed research studies and their conclusions, and to identify the current state and future direction of research in the topic area.

In this assignment you should offer new arguments about your research topic, which stem from already available information; this will constitute your literature review. In at least 1000 words, discuss published scholarly material about your research topic, including a critical interpretation of the various sources. In an essay-like fashion, summarize information and report findings, as well as, evaluate strengths, weaknesses/ complications, and conclusions of research studies. All bibliographical sources must be academically sound and scholarly (primarily peer reviewed scientific journals). At least 5 scholarly sources should be used in the literature review, however, this is a minimum number and you are encouraged to include as many references beyond 5 that are significant to understanding your topic.

Rubric – Literature Review

Content (70 pts.)
Submission includes a scientific focused and phrased academic analysis of at least 1000 words (30)
Critical analysis is accomplished by indicating strengths, weaknesses, and/or complications of studies review (10)
Literature is relevant to the topic and aligned with the research topics and question(s) (10)
Spelling, grammar, and punctuation are correct. Writing flows with transition between paragraphs (10). Less than 10% plagiarism.

References and in-Text Citations (30 pts.)
At least 5 scholarly sources are listed (20)
APA guidelines were followed for both in-text citation and reference list (10)