Branches of History

Branches of HistoryMost students think history is only the study of the past. To understand past historical events, one has to study history carefully. Students who want to study history in college should at least know the branches of history that they are likely to come across in college.

In this article, we look into branches of history, exploring each with a detailed explanation. Before that also, I should introduce you to history homework help. Most students have part-time jobs. It may be hard to complete assignments; therefore, you can seek help by getting someone to do your history homework at a fee.

Branches of History

Political history

Political history is a common branch of history that focuses on a detailed look at leaders, political processes, and events occurring or that have already occurred. Political history is mainly looked into the rise and fall of various political systems.

Cultural history

Culture is another part of history that is learned as an area of study. Culture history involves the study of different life aspects like traditions, rituals, and different languages.

Environmental history

This very new history branch looks into the study of the environment.It looks into how human life’s activities are influencing the environment.

Intellectual history

The evolution and development of ideas are dealt with in intellectual history. It is a study of the thought of different people and how their thoughts have shaped history.

Food history

Food history is a branch of history that focuses on culinary science comparing various cultures in different countries. It is a unique history branch that looks into the sociology, cultural and economic impact of food.

Social history

Social history focuses on people’s customs and traditions, comparing them with significant events that have occurred or happened in the past. Events that happen greatly influence the living and working of society.

Diplomatic history

This branch of history focuses on the relationship between two countries, their diplomats, and their diplomatic processes. Topics explored include peace, war alliances, and treaties signed.

Art history

Art is a branch of history that studies visual arts like paintings, drawings, and architecture. It focuses on unraveling the meaning behind the arts.

Economic history

Economic history’s main aim is to focus on processes of economic that have happened in the past and how they influence economies in different countries. The study looks into markets, ways of production, and consumption.

Those are the main branches of history. Before we conclude this article, I think it will be necessary to list some of history students’ careers they can take.

  1. Lecture
  2. Professor
  3. Historian
  4. Archaeologist
  5. Librarian
  6. Museum manager etc.


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