Can I get my associates degree in nursing online?

Can I get my associates degree in nursing online?

Being a nurse necessitates a certain calling. In many healthcare settings, registered nurses (RNs) are the first line of care and the backbone of daily operations.

Nursing is one of the most in-demand occupations because, while nurses have a lot of obligations, they also get a lot of satisfaction. They assist patients at their darkest and most vulnerable moments and remain by their side until their recovery. Many people want to be nurses because of the increasing financial advantages. However, many of them have other obligations that prevent them from attending class, for example, family responsibilities or involvement in full-time jobs, resulting in a lack of time in the classroom. This group requests or desires that there could be a program that offers all coursework online.

I have good news and bad news for you if you want to get your Associate’s Degree in Nursing (ADN) online. The good news is that you can complete practically all of your courses through an online nursing program, but the bad news is that you will still be unable to obtain an associate’s degree due to the following factors.

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1. Nursing is not a profession that can be practiced in isolation, therefore it’s critical that students who are learning online have ample opportunities to communicate with their peers and teachers beyond simply answering questions and submitting assignments.

2. Currently, if you want to obtain your associate’s degree in nursing online, you must enroll in an online hybrid ADN program, which means the program will include both in-person and online sessions.

3. Some programs require you to attend an in-person orientation upon admission, as well as meetings throughout the year and clinical work in collaboration with the school. Some schools will work with you to find a local clinical site, while others will require you to travel to site placements near the school, which is why you should choose a school with practicum criteria that you can satisfy.

4. A recognized associate degree program in nursing cannot be completed entirely online. Although some schools provide entirely online education, all programs require you to complete a certain number of lab or clinical hours, which cannot be performed online.

To become an official RN, you must pass the NCLEX exam after completing your academic program and completing your clinical hours. To be given a Registered Nurse’s license in your state, you must complete all three components — academic courses, clinical hours, and passing the NCLEX.


Be cautious! Even “online ADN” programs aren’t entirely online because state nursing boards demand a certain number of in-person clinical hours before a Registered Nurse may be licensed. The actual amount of clinical hours required varies by state, but it is usually about 70. Clinical requirements are crucial because you will acquire the hands-on skills you will need to perform as a nurse, including anything from inserting an IV to dealing with equipment and patients in person.

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