Aryana Robinson Response to “five good emperors.”

Aryana Robinson Response to “five good emperors.”

Your answer to the question regarding “five good emperors” shows good research skills and critical thought. The post identifies the five emperors and the accomplishments they made during their reign. I agree with all the viewpoints you highlighted in the post since they reflect an in depth research into the problem. As you highlight, the five good governors brought “peace, stability and prosperity to Rome.” This is true considering that the five emperors were regarded as good owing to the peace, stability and economic prosperity witnessed in Rome during their reign. The post details some of the major achievements by each of the emperor. This strengthens your discussion since it highlights each emperor and the specific accomplishment he made. Your post, however, does not clearly highlight the reason(s) why the five emperors were considered good. Rather, the post dwells more on the accomplishments they made during their reign.

Amanda Sprangler

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