Annotated Bibliography

John Cage’s 4’33”: is it music?: this paper will discuss Cage’s infamous work, 4’33”. Students will provide an overview of how and why Cage composed this work, and will give their opinions on whether or not 4’33” qualifies as music, which must be supported by at the writing of at least three other people. This essay should conform to the following:

Submit an annotated bibliography. The bibliography should include six legitimately published sources (i.e. works that were published in print or respected web publications. Personal blogs, Wikipedia, etc., are not acceptable), which will eventually serve as the foundation of your research. Books and articles from scholarly journals should make up most, if not all of these sources. The annotations briefly explain what the source is and how it relates to your essay. The bibliography entries should be in the same format as entries in an MLA-formatted works cited page.

***Please including this journal (make it MLA )

and complete the remaining 5 sources
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