American history


This module/week has examined the political issues that surrounded the formation of the Constitution and the years of the early republic. The partisanship that developed during the first twelve years of the constitutional period often takes many students by surprise. Many of them think that the United States easily achieved greatness in its early years. What did you find most surprising in your course materials this module/week? Has it changed your thinking about America’s founders or about the modern political climate?

Sample paper

American history

Through this week readings and assignment, I have gained new understanding and insight regarding the formation and development of the American Constitution and all the suffering that our ancestors had to endure. The formation of the American Constitution took place between May 25 and September 17, 1787, began with the formulation of the articles of confederation. It was ratified by James Madison to become what is now widely known as the United States constitution and the bill of rights. The articles of associations were primarily changed because most of the lawmakers felt that they were giving the Congress more authority and power than they deserve. Interestingly, the articles of associations were finally changed after 16 months of discussion and debate[i].

American government was formed

The most interesting fact about the readings and the assignment is how the American government was formed back then and how it is still formed today. The first American government was created in 1789 making the U.S one of the universe’s first modern national constitutional countries. The government is often formed by the pillars of federalism and republicanism that proposes the sharing of power between the state and the federal governments. The knowledge gained from this study has completely changed my perspective, attitude, and feelings towards the founding fathers and about the modern political climate in the country. The founding fathers of the nation set the way for the modern government and politics which got me thinking and wondering where would be America today if there were no revolution war or the ratification of the United States Constitution. It is mind blowing to learn how this great nation was formed but disappointing at the same time to see greedy leaders misusing the freedom the founding fathers fought for many years ago.[ii]

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