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In your materials this module/week, you have seen how America changed over the first half of the 19th century. Those changes were both positive and negative politically, economically, culturally, and socially. The information you studied is usually new to many students and, to some, comes as a surprise. What excited you in your reading? Was there anything that provided some explanation of why America looks the way it does today? Do you have a new perspective on American life in the period between the American Revolution and the Civil War?

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American history

From the reading of last week assignment, I was surprised to learn that there were two main issues that were the main topics of the nineteenth century.  First, there was the continuous manifest destiny grasped America and the making of a mainland force leading to the First World War. The second issue that took the 19th century by storm was servitude.  The constitution of the country led to significant changes in the national life of the people (Ward, 2008). The signing of the constitution and other minor changes ended up being a striking, effective structure for tending to significant issues affecting the lives of most common American people. Notably, the constitution was completely against slave trade which was rampant in the country which was determined by horrendous civil war.

Through the reading and assignment, I realized that the strong constitution adopted by the country significantly contributed to the economic development in the country moving from generally rural to the world’s most essential mechanical force.  Moreover, I was surprised to learn that history specialist did not entirely agree on the advantages that came along with the constitution.  Some of them concentrated on the positives such as the improvement of new mechanical advances, an extending working class and the formation of opportunities and chances for American and Europe’s disposed.  On the other hand, there are those who concentrated on the negative such as the convergence of riches, unjustifiable and poor working conditions as well as social issues such as segregation (Gordon, 2016).  However, communism in the 20th century has changed the reputation of dispersing riches and fizzled capacity to make riches which has positively and in a significant way changed America for the better.  However, all credit goes to those forefathers that sacrificed their lives during the revolutions.


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American history