Alexander the Great Achievements-Western Civilization



I believe that Alexander the Great had so many achievements due to his education. He was taught by one of the greatest philosophers Aristotle. His many achievements also came from the fact that his dad took him and molded him on how to be a leader at an early age and when it came time he was able to take over and create an undefeated army. I think he continues to be fascinate due to his length of reign and what he accomplished under his reign.

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Alexander the Great Achievements-Western Civilization

The discussion post identifies education as the greatest asset that Alexander the Great applied in achieving the great conquests during his reign. This is true owing to the fact that he received a classical education from Aristotle, as the discussion post highlights. However, the discussion post fails to account for the contribution of physical education that Alexander the Great received from Leonidas, who taught him many skills among them how to ride chariots, using swords, memorizing, running, and other key skills (Skelton & Dell, 2005). Another important contributor to his many achievements relate to the teachings he received from his father, which molded him to become a warrior by making him believe he was chosen by gods. The discussion post asserts that Alexander continues to fascinate due to his great achievements and the long duration of his reign. This true because Alexander made great achievements that no other leader ever made in history.


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