Addiction and Crime Presentation


Create a 7- to 10-slide Microsoft? PowerPoint? presentation with detailed speaker notes. Use complete sentences, with correct grammar and punctuation, to fully explain each slide as if you were giving an in-person presentation.
Include the following in your presentation:
The characteristics of addiction and substance abuse
A description of how crime is related to addiction
The role of criminal justice professionals in providing intervention and rehabilitation to substance abuse offenders

Sample paper

Addiction and Crime Presentation

Speaker notes

Substance addiction is a chronic disease that compels the use to keep seeking and using drugs with minimum or no control despite the fact it has dire consequences.  Addiction is a brain disease since it affects and changes how than brain functions. The changes can last for a long time and trigger a person to have harmful behavior. For most people, the first decision to try drugs is voluntary. However, when taken regularly, bran changes that challenge a drug user’s self control such that they cannot resist any urges to take drugs (, 2016).

The persistence of the brain changes make addicts relapse which explains why people on their road to recovery are at higher risk of returning to using drugs even if they have been clean for years.

Millions of people in the United States struggle with drug and alcohol abuse. It is estimated that 1 in 12 adults in America have an addiction problem. The consequences of using drugs and addiction affect all the people involved from the addicts, family members and their communities. The use of drug has a major impact on public safety and this is a major concern to the criminal justice system. This is because substance abuse and addiction are known to cause mental illnesses that can trigger criminal activity.

A survey by the national survey on drug use and health indicated that there were approximately 21.5 Million Americans aged 12 and above battling substance abuse and addiction in 2014. In addition, 80 percent of these individuals also have an alcohol problem. In the same year, 7 million people were battling drug use disorder.

People take drugs for different reasons. There those who take drugs to feel good. Drugs produce an initial feeling of intense pleasure. This is usually followed by other effects that differ depending on the drug type.  Some of the feelings that follow are feelings of power, increased energy, increased confidence, relaxation or satisfaction. Secondly, some people want to feel better. Some people suffering from stress, depression and anxiety turn to drugs in order to suppress their feelings of distress. Additionally, there are those who take drugs to do better. There are those who are under pressure to enhance their cognitive or athletic abilities. Initial experimentation may be followed by constant use of anabolic steroids or prescription stimulants. Finally, peer pressure and curiosity cause people to take drugs.  Most adolescents can be vulnerable and turn to drug use due to peer pressure. They are eager to try risky behavior to show their peers that they are independent and can defy parental and social rules.

Characteristics of addiction and substance abuse

Characteristics of addiction and substance abuse can be obvious or vague. Some people who use drugs do not reach the point of addiction. There are several habits that indicate whether one is under influence or not. People with addiction and substance abuse issues have problems at work or school. Students who perform well in school or employees with good work ethics start to drop their performance or miss work. In addition, their attitudes towards other people may change. They also pick fights and their poor performance does not alarm them and they constantly defy people in authority.

Physical health issues– they are easily irritated, lack energy or have excessive energy, have racing heartbeats and confusion. Bouts of nausea, constant unexplained headaches, diarrhea, and sudden weight loss are some of the strong signs of addiction.

Changes in appearance– some physical changes might not be seen immediately but with time a normally clean and tidy person begins to neglect his/her appearance. The severity of addiction can be notice in the pattern of increased neglect.

Financial problems– people with drug addiction have a problem keeping or accounting for money. They are constantly asking for money without a valid explanation of what they want it for. When craving drugs or withdrawing from people, they might become angry or violent if they do not get money to buy drugs (Melton, 2015).

Lying and stealing- one characteristic of drug addiction is lying and making up stories regarding ones whereabouts or what they are doing. They steal money from their family members, friends and businesses to buy drugs. When they cannot find money, they steal possessions and sell them off in order to buy drugs.

People who are under the influence of drugs are associated with crimes such as manslaughter, domestic violence, murder and stabbings. There are so many people who have been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. In addition, drug deals are characterized by a big deal of violence. There are always rival gangs competing for the same market and any encounter leads to violence. In addition, they are not known to be lenient on drug users who default paying them. Research indicates that a big percent of acquisitive crime such as stealing is committed by drug addicts who are trying to clear their drug debts or trying to purchase more drugs.

A big number of people arrested for various crimes test positive for drugs. It is estimated that more than 50 percent most of the offenders arrested for theft, and other acquisitive crimes do so because of drug related reasons.


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