1984 manifesto


Adopting the role and perspective of Smith (in the book 1984 by george orwell) , write a Manifesto intended to persuade your compatriots to become insurgents in a revolution that will destroy the Party. Your manifesto can take the form of an underground, secret publication that would circulate among the population. Make sure your manifesto has a powerful name, write your own aphorisms to support your cause, and use your best creatively persuasive skills to incite major change!

Sample paper

1984 manifesto

The book 1984 by George Orwell revolves around political power and struggles. Winston smith is one of the lower administrators of the ruling party in London. Despite being a member of the ruling party, the Party does not trust him and he is watched wherever he goes through telescreens. The Party controls everything in the nation of Oceania and of date, it is attempting to implement a law that will prevent political rebellion since even the thought of rebellion is illegal. Winston becomes frustrated by the rigid control of the party where he meets a friend by the name of O’Brien who he believes is a free thinker and a friend but later on he turns to be a betrayer and a mole. Winston works at ministry of truth where he is forced to alter history to fit the needs, desires and ambitions of the Party (Rodden). Unfortunately, he is arrested by the Party and O’Brien takes the pleasure of torturing him for months in an attempt to break his spirit and change his heart and thinking. Finally after a long resistance, Winston breaks and he accepted the Party entirely and learned to love the Big Brother the leader of the Party.

A new beginning, this is our time

Adopting the role and perspective of smith, below is a manifesto that is intended to persuade my fellow citizens and workers to become insurgents and join brotherhood in an attempt to destroy the Party.

My fellow citizens and freethinkers, it has come to my attention that in the recent days our freedom of expression and thinking is being jeopardized by the party every single day. The problems that are associated with the party are rising day in day out. I had a dream and in the dream I had a vision a vision that we can achieve much more if we unite as free thinkers.  A vision that we all want to live in a free world where we can enjoy our privacy, a world where we can express our dissatisfaction in the method of rule, a world where our women are not oppressed and at risk, a world where there is fair and justice to all.

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I believe in the power of unity, love, truth and freedom of expression. My brothers and sisters imagine yourselves living your own lives without the fear of being watched through the telescreens. Imagine yourselves having the opportunity and chance to love and express your feelings to whomever you want at your own convenient time.  Imagine how much you would achieve if you lived independently and free from any king of oppression from the party. Here is what I know for sure: when you fall asleep you dream of a better future and brighter coming days for our kinds. We cannot live to see these days unless we come together and take actions now action the party.

For so long we have been patient with the party. The big brother has deprived us the right and freedom of free thought, sex and expression individuality. For so long we have endured their rigid control of our precious country. For a very long time, they have changed the history, rules and regulations to suits their gluttonous desires and needs to oppress us (Stone). Their time is gone and our time is now. It id the high time we stand in our rightful place and demand our freedom. It is the high time we take power from them. With power reverting back to the people we can do great things. My fellow citizens am appealing to you to unite because united we stand but apart we fall. We have the power and will to take the authority. Thank you very much.

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