What Is Access Assignment?

what is access assignment

Access is a database application from Microsoft. Consequently, the very first Access assignment involves creating a simple database with 2 tables, reports, queries, and forms. These objects, when used together, facilitate the entering, storage, analysis, and compilation of your data in whichever manner you like. In Access introduction, you will learn about the four objects (mentioned above) and how they collaborate to form a functional database.


A database is a mass of data formulated into numerous connected lists. As such, all data in Access is stored in tables making them the core of any database. Tables are organized into horizontal rows and vertical columns, as most of you might already know. In Access, we refer to these columns and rows as fields and records.

A field is not just your regular column. It is an information organizing method based on the type of data you have. Any kind of information in a certain field is the same type of data. For instance, each entry in a field named Phone Number would be a number and each entry in a field named Last Name would be a name. Similarly, a record isn’t just a row. It is an information unit with each cell in a row being a part of that row’s record.

A record cuts across many fields (columns) and even though the information in a record comes from numerous fields, it remains valid information in the record. Records are identified by the ID number which represents all information in a row.

Tables are excellent for preserving closely related data. Suppose you own a business and have a database with your customers’ names, phone numbers, email addresses, and home addresses. Since these are all details about your customers, you can store them on one table. Every customer would have a separate record and all types of information would be stored in their own fields. You can add as many fields as you need to all in the same table.

Reports, Queries, and Forms

Tables may store all your data but three objects facilitate you to work with the table. They interact with your table’s records at different points.


We use forms to enter, modify and view records. You may need to fill forms in various situations such as when you apply for a job, visit the doctor’s office or register for gym sessions. Forms are an easy way to show people how they can enter their data correctly, making them a very popular data storage method. In Access, when you enter data into a form it goes wherever the database designer wants it to go.


Queries allow you to search and compile data from one or multiple tables. By running a query, you are asking your database a detailed question. You can define particular search conditions to find the data you are looking for just by building a query in Access.


Reports allow us to present our data in print form. Examples of database reports include schedule printouts and printed invoices. Also, you can customize your report to make it more appealing. With Access, you can create a report from any query or table.

An Access assignment tests your ability to use each object to create a functional and effective database to store all types of data.

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