War on Terror-Role of Media


What do you believe the role of the media is in the “War on Terror?” Why? Do you believe that terrorism and the media have a symbiotic relationship (they benefit from each other)? Why or why not?

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War on Terror-Role of Media

The media has a significant role to play in the “War on Terror.” The role of the media is to inform the public of the current events that impact their lives in one way or another. The media should provide information to the public in a fair, objective, and accurate manner (Tunman, 2003). The media provides basic information about the events that shape or touch the lives of individuals. By reporting on terrorism, the media keeps the public aware of the events that shape their lives in one way or another. The media is supposed to eliminate any uncertainties that exist among the public regarding current dangers that they may face. Thus when terrorists attack the media plays a critical role by providing objecting information to the public. This ensures that the public is aware of what is happening.

Terrorism and the media do have a symbiotic relationship. Terrorists depend on the media for publicity. Terrorists depend on the media to spread their hate messages and the various actions they perpetrate against individuals (Tunman, 2003). Terrorists engage in actions that are dramatic and meant to attempt the attention of the media. To the terrorist, the most important thing is to gain publicity. Terrorists also seek to instill fear upon the masses through the mass media. The actions by terrorists are meant for the people watching rather than the victims who experience the direct brutality. On the other hand, the media benefits by obtaining a good story, which it can “sell” to the public (Tunman, 2003). The media gives more airtime to various events relating to terrorism. The media is in constant need of news features to feed the masses, and terrorism is one of the greatest sources.


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