Training Design and Development ( UNIT 2 )


The Director of Sales, Jorge Muñoz, has approached you to recommend training for new sales representatives.

In the form of an e-mail (placed in a Word Document), complete the following:

Identify the training objectives

What will the trainee know and be able to do upon completion of training?

Include the quality of performance and the conditions under which performance occurs.

Write up an audience analysis that includes the following:

Skills, needs, and interests of the target training group

Relevant background knowledge

When, where, and how the training should be delivered

Any additional information you think is important to include

Direct your recommendations to Mr. Muñoz

To help you identify the type of work sales representatives perform, check out the Occupational Outlook Handbook published by the U.S. Department of Labor – Bureau of Labor Statistics (using the resources in course materials). Perform your search by job title or by using an alphabetical search.


Training Design and Development



TO: Mr. Munoz

Cc: Human Resource Management Team

Subject: Recommendations on Training of Sales Representative

Dear Mr. Munoz

This is in line with the recommendations I was to submit to you on the training of your new sales representative. First,I will handle this under the following sub headings;

Objective of the training

What trainees will know and do upon completion of the training

Quality of performance and the condition under which performance occurs

Every training should have a clear and concise objective such that at the end of the training, the trainees will have known what is expected of them. The trainees should be given all the necessary information about the company, its history, mission, vision, core values and any other information deemed necessary. This will improve the trainees knowledge ofthe giving them an upper hand in their sales activities. The trainees should also be issued out with their scope of work and ensure that they know their responsibility and what is expected of them. Allow them to ask questions if they need any clarification. This training will also ensure that the sales representative know all there is to know about the products they will be required to sell. Issue out to them sales guide which has product specification, features and pricing, remember customers are very inquisitive and the sales representatives should leave the training feeling confident that they can answer any customers question about the product or service offered. Lastlyas experienced sales personnel the training will be a good platform to share some of the skills that you have acquired along the years. (United States Bureau of Statistics,2016)

Upon completion of the training, the sales representative will know the hours they will be required to put in, the geographical areas they will be required to cover when selling the product and how their commission will be allocated. They will be required to organize and meet new and existing clients. They will also advise customers on the delivery schedule and after sale services. They will update the director on the daily sales records, make presentations in promoting new and existing products, and understand the customers need and ensure that those needs are meet Lastly, they will meet sales target as this will determine how much commission they will get at the end of the day.

The quality of performance would be measured through increase in sales revenue, maintaining loyal customers and the retention of the employees. It is essential for the sales representative to know and understand the key position that the customer holds in the success of the company and thus ensure that their needs are meet. As the director of sales your sales team welfare should be a priority, since your employees will only treat your customers as you treat them.

Following a close examination of the audience that I formally conducted with questionnaires, my findings were that the majority of the targeted trainees have acquired the sales skills such as communication, listening and confidence. What the trainees need is for their efforts to be appreciated through favorable allowances as this is what lead to most of them leaving their previous employment. The training would be best conducted a week before the sales representatives are to start their duty and starting from nine till four in the evening and delivered through the use of slide notes in PowerPoint.


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