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Proposal 1

Program’s Name

The International Biofit Gymnastics Centre

This is the first proposed name for the program. The name incorporates various qualities of the revolutionary program, including international nature of the program, health, integration of nature, weight loss, revolutionary, weight loss, and biophilia. Biofit is term closely linked to biophilia. It refers to an organic gym concept whereby the gym facility integrates natural designs. This program’s name will enable the customers to know that the program includes a biophilic approach towards achieving fitness. The term gymnastics is popular across different parts of the world. As such, it will be easier for potential customers to identify the kind of services offered.

Branding Identity

Tagline: We are a revolutionary gymnastics center offering you the opportunity to improve your fitness while rekindling your innate connection with nature.

The tagline conveys the main qualities of the program. The tagline informs potential clients of the ability to reconnect with nature as they engage in improving their body. The term revolutionary will help in conveying the message that this is not only a modern gymnastics center, but an innovative center encompassing new ideas on weight loss and improving fitness.

Proposal 2

Program’s Name

The New Biophilic Fitness Center

This name includes the term ‘biophilic’. The name is a good match since the project embraces all the concepts relating to biophilia. Biophilia is a relatively new concept in the world of fitness. There is a high likelihood that sheer curiosity will drive current gym enthusiasts into exploring the new biophilia concept. By using the term biophilic, the program will draw upon the natural curiosity of the gym enthusiasts to try the new concept of improving fitness. The program will thus be able to attract and retain customers.

Branding Identity

Tagline: The New Biophilic Fitness Center integrates the amazing outdoors world into your indoor training, guaranteeing you a nature-inspired improvement of both body and mind.

The tagline conveys two important messages to consumers: the integration of outdoors features and the improvement of body and mind. Current gymnastic centers mainly focus on body fitness, while ignoring the fitness of the mind. By emphasizing on the ability of the new concept to improve not only body fitness but also mental fitness, the project is likely to garner significant support. Potential clients will likely perceive the project as providing additional benefits by enhancing mind relaxation similar to that provided by a yoga exercise routine.

Proposal 3

Program’s Name

Holistic Fitness Center

This name suggests that the training center applies a holistic approach towards improving fitness. This reflects the true nature of the biophilic concept, which aims at improving body and mental fitness. In addition, clients will have the opportunity to enjoy nature and have fun at the fitness center while improving their fitness.

Branding Identity

Tagline: The Holistic Fitness Center is a revolutionary gymnastics center that offers you a mix of indoor and outdoor experiences through the careful integration of the natural environment and materials into your training experience.

The tagline emphasizes on the holistic nature of the fitness center. The fitness center includes a blend of natural and the artificial environments to create a revolutionary fitness center with a different ambience from the rest.

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