Style Icons & Fashion Objects


For the course STYLE ICONS & FASHION OBJECTS, choose a subject for your Final Essay and submit an overview of your proposed topic. For your consideration: the Little Black Dress, The Red Shoes, an iconic bag, an icon or a celebrity in fashion industry, or another object of your choice .

What subject are you interested in?

Why are you interested in it?

How does it relate to the main themes of the course?

What is your plan for research?


Style Icons & Fashion Objects

The subject for the final essay involves analysis of an icon or a celebrity in fashion industry. It will be interesting to conduct an analysis of an icon in the fashion industry and discover why he or she is celebrated. Numerous people have unsuccessfully tried to chart their own course to becoming fashion icons. This research will aim at deciphering the success formula in the fashion industry by analyzing a fashion icon and the secrets to his or her success. Celebrities in the fashion industry have made a great impact in the development of new styles or new designs. The research will mainly focus on how celebrities become trendsetters in an industry saturated thousands of designers and aspiring fashionistas. It will also be interesting to establish how celebrities endure for long in an industry where “new” is what sells. It is also imperative to establish the influence of the icon to brand credibility, and why brands opt for the top celebrity.

Celebrity in the fashion industry relates to the main theme of the course in various ways. First, the subject will explore a range of topics related to the main theme of the course. For instance, the study will cover various areas such as advertising, public relations, art direction, and styling, which are some of the important characteristics held by celebrities in the industry. The study will review existing literature about an influential celebrity in the fashion industry, preferably an icon who has endured for long in the industry. The research will review current fashion magazines, fashion journals, books, websites, and other relevant sources. This will help draw logical conclusions on the celebrity selected.

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