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Strategic Communication

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Strategic Communication


To: The ABZ Human Resource Department

From: The ABZ Business Manager

Date: February 1st, 2019

Re: Developing Workers Training and Talent Development Program

The ABZ is committed in providing the best cosmetic products that display high value and care for its customers. However, the company has constantly failed in the past three years to command the market, following recall of three of our products due to quality issues. The last recall that happened in the mind of 2018 prompted for an investigation, to determine the main cause of this problem. The intensive two months investigation cited a loophole in the workers knowledge and skills, in the production processes. Although the company has successfully managed to recruit the best workforce in terms of professional and academic skills and knowledge, it has failed in fine-tuning its workers skills fit its work environment. The company training program is poorly structured, with little or no attention given to new workers orientation, which is the primary stage of workers development in the company. Consequently, our workers have been operating based on experiential technique, with little or no certainty on the best mechanism to apply to enhance quality. Lack of proper training has also resulted to unmotivated workforce that works with little commitment towards accomplishing of the organizational goals. The investigation results demonstrate a great need for change of the company’s training and talent development program, with intention of developing a workforce that plays a positive role in enhancing the company competitive advantage.

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We all know that the success of any organization is highly rooted on human resource, which is the prime stakeholder in any business. Building a strong workforce is thus highly important in enhancing the organization success (Gambo, 2015). The role of workers management is purely done by the human resource department. It is quite disappointing to see that the department has not been doing enough to align its objectives with the strategic goals of the company. The department has failed in creating a workforce that promotes the company’s interest in normal operation. In this regard, the company executive demands a review in the company workforce training and talents development programs. The human resource department has been offered a period of 31 days to come up with a more reliable ways of workers training and talent development. The new framework must focus on ensuring that workers have all the required knowledge, to play their respective roles in the development of high quality and safe products for our customers.

The proposed program is expected to assist in motivating workers by boosting their knowledge and skills in their area of operation (Elnaga & Imran, 2013). The program is also expected to promote personal career development goals, by creating mechanisms to boost personal knowledge development, either through taking short relevant courses to better performance, or through any other form of academic advancement. This is anticipated to create a competitive workforce, with individual success goals that can nurture creativity in products development.

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The human resource department is also required to define regular workshops and seminars for workers in different departments, especially those highly affected by constant change of their operational technology. This will ensure that workers in these departments are conversant with new technologies use in their areas as a way of enhancing their operational efficiency. The department also needs to devise the best way to encourage workers to take part in these workshops and seminars, especially because most of them happen during non-working days or hours. This will ensure full participation and collective growth in our workforce knowledge and skills.

The company executives highly believe in the human resource department ability to develop a reliable workers training and talent development program that is beneficial to the company. The executives will be expecting to receive the first draft of the program from the senior manager in the human resource department, 31 days from now. This program will be reviewed and adjustment made where necessary. It is my hope that the department will do a great job as a team in this assignment and complete it on time. In case of any inquiry, clarification or view, feel free to contact the company business manager.


Elnaga, A., & Imran, A. (2013). The effect of training on employee performance. European Journal of Business and Management, 5(4), 137-147.

Gambo, H. S. (2015). The impact of training and development on workers’ productivity in some selected Nigeria Universities. International Journal of Public Administration and Management Research, 3(1), 10-16.


Part 2

Channel & Style

The selected channel of communication is internal memo from the business manager to human resource department. This channel was selected since it enhances internal communication within an organization. With a memo, it is easy to pass important business related message and to keep record of the communication. A single memo can be used to communicate to a group of people with similar characteristics, making communication easier. For instance in this case, the memo will be pinned in the human resource department notice board and every member will get the message from that one single memo. It is also easy to relay a lengthy but precise message to the intended audience.

The style employed in my written communication if join/consult. In this particular case, the problem of constant recall was identified. The company member of executive had a meeting to discuss the matter, and recommended an investigation. The investigation results release also called for another meeting to define the way forward. This is a case of join. The meeting resolved that the human resource department should come up with the best training and talent development program that aligns with the company’s need. This is an act of consulting. Thus the communication style is join/consult.

Use of Feedback to Refine Communication

The written communication week 6 discussion board feedback demonstrated appreciation for my positive view on feedback despite of whether it is positive or negative. The feedback reminded me of the importance of feedback in allowing learners to identify areas they may need to improve on, especially areas that a learner had not realized that they needed any kind of improvement. I used the feedback to edit my work after writing. Reading through my written communication and editing various parts to improve quality of my work.