Special Needs Support Group (SNSG) Presentation


Special Needs Support Group or SNSG for short is the name that has been chosen for the proposal.
I need two more slides of why this title was chosen, I have attached what I already have so nothing is duplicated in the presentation along with the proposal that was given the name. Please include speaker notes on the slides. The reference for the article is already on the power point.

Special Needs Support Group (SNSG) Presentation

         No child should be left behind. In rural western Pennsylvania, this includes the children who are aged birth to twenty-six who have disabilities. The Special Needs Support Group (SNSG) was created by the parents of children with disabilities in order to build a network of supportive services and awareness for others who were experiencing similar situations. This organization works to provide these parents with the necessities to get them involved in their children’s plans for development. Also, it helps provide the needed services and support to the professionals that work with these children (Ward, 2012).

It is designed to inspire, teach, lead and support families who have children (birth-26) with disabilities in rural western PA, and to enhance the awareness of educators and service providers who are involved with families who have a child with a disability. The Mentor Parent Program provides information and support to families of children with a full range of disabilities; has a demonstrated capacity to deliver effective training for all disability groups and has a tradition of reaching out to include unrepresented or underrepresented parents in its planning and training efforts(Ward, 2012)..

The Mentor Parent Program has developed some significant organizational linkages over the course of its 20 years of service. In addition to the natural linkages with school districts, medical facilities and service providers, the Director and Associate Director have developed important relationships at the local, state and national levels that help them meet the needs of local parents.

It preforms the responsibility of obtaining information about the range of services and resources available at the national, state and local levels to children with disabilities and their families; and (6) understand the provisions for educating children with disabilities under IDEA(Ward, 2012)..

         Also, the Special Needs Support Group (SNSG) has three objectives. The first objective is to increase parental knowledge and understanding of their rights and responsibilities in helping their children who have disabilities. The program brings awareness to help the children meet various academic and developmental goals and prepare them to lead productive lives. The second objective is to increase the parents’ participation in school meetings and mentoring sessions either in person or by phone calls to help in determining the appropriate actions for the child’s success. The third objective is to help professionals understand parental rights and disabilities through various training programs and workshops (Ward, 2012).


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