Sales Presentation/Campaign

Sales Presentation

A product that I like is Tesla Model X, an electric sport utility vehicle. Tesla, Inc., headquartered in California, manufactures the electric sport utility vehicle (SUV). The company is one of the largest electric car manufactures, employing leading-edge technologies in the manufacture of cars with zero emissions.

Tesla’s Model X features a sophisticated design, lighter architecture, fast acceleration, and a range of modern technologies designed to enhance your comfort. Model X is a sport utility vehicle that can serve as a family car, with a capacity of up to seven adults (Tesla, 2016). The car incorporates the newest technologies in electric vehicle manufacturing.

The main issue relates to the performance, comfort, safety, and efficiency of the car. Tesla Model X is a high utility vehicle, which provides users with a range of up to 295 miles own a single charge. The car can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in a span of 2.9 seconds (Tesla, 2016). With regard to comfort, the car has ample seating and storage space. The car can carry up to seven adults, with ample space inside. The second and third row of the seats can fold to create room for extra cargo.

With regard to safety, Model X has a 5-star rating in all categories of safety. This is the highest rating a vehicle design can achieve. The SUV has eight surround cameras (Tesla, 2016). These cameras allow the driver to have an all-round vision of the surrounding. The SUV has twelve ultrasonic sensors that help in identifying surrounding objects. The benefit of this is warning the driver of an imminent side collision. It also features a lane-departure warning system. This can help in jolting a driver who falls asleep thus preventing accidents.

The car has a higher efficiency compared with gasoline-powered cars of similar size. Estimating gasoline savings are $2.70 per gallon. Recharging takes between 6 and 10 hours depending on the connector in use. While using the 100 kWh wall connector, full charge takes about six and half hours, with a range of 295 miles (Tesla, 2016). The total gasoline savings are $24.50, which is quite significant savings. Tesla Model X has the longest driving range on a single charge among all electric SUV models.

Tesla’s Model X appeals to consumers who love cars with sporty design integrated with family characteristics. The SUV is recommended for customers who are sports enthusiasts but it can also be used for family travel. The combination of these features ensures that the car appeals to diverse groups of consumers with different needs.

The major benefit of this model is high efficiency and cost savings compared to gasoline-powered car models. The SUV can cover about 295 miles on a single charge. The total savings are $24.50 (Tesla, 2016). This is a significant cost saving. In addition, there are indirect benefits such as the car having zero emission. Gasoline-powered SUVs contribute to environmental pollution through discharge of greenhouse gases to the environment. Tesla Model X is a revolutionary car design that will help in fighting global warming.

Tesla Model is one of the safest, energy efficient, and comfortable sport utility vehicle that is designed to enhance your driving experience and suitable for customers with families.

Some of the objections raised by consumers involve sunroof leaks in the earlier Tesla Mode S. There was also a concern that the new Tesla Model X has a complicated drivetrain, charging equipment, and power equipment. Consumers should note that Tesla has the best rated service among all vehicle manufacturers, and the highest customer loyalty. As such, minor issues can be dealt with much more quickly by vising Tesla service centers across the country.

Formal Business Letter

Mr. Adam Doe


ABC Vehicle Distributors

132 Widget Street

Los Angeles, California


Dear Sir,


This letter seeks to shift your attention to the market potential with regard to electric car sales in the local market. Statistics indicate that demand for electric car models has significantly increased over the last decade. The company should take advantage of the increased demand for electric cars and introduce electric cars in its brand of vehicle products. By entering into a franchise with Tesla Inc., the company will be able to distribute Tesla Model X, an SUV with great customer ratings. Currently, the Tesla, Inc. is looking for potential franchisers for a dealership model that will see the franchisers distribute and service the company’s electric model cars. As earlier mentioned, Tesla Model X is one of the highest selling electric cars in the U.S. market. In addition, there is a potential to expand into new markets close to the U.S., including Mexico and Canada.

The deal will also see the new franchise distribute and service other Tesla, Inc. models. As Tesla, Inc. seeks to improve the distribution network of its products, there is potential for a great return on investment. The demand for the company’s product is high in the U.S. and other parts of the world. Tesla, Inc. is among the leading companies in the world in the manufacture of electric vehicles. Its products have earned high customer ratings owing to their unique technology and providing value for money to consumers. It is worth noting that the company has a loyal customer base as indicated by consumer indexes. This means that sales are likely to increase in future as loyal customers refer their friends and family members.

It is my hope that you will consider this amazing offer and that you will take the necessary steps to ensure that the company does not miss the franchise offer. I believe that this amazing offer is what the company needs in order to leap forward by partnering with a world-renown car manufacturer.

Yours sincerely,

(Sales Manager).

Office Memo

To:                   All workers

From:               Sales Manager, ABC Vehicle Distributors

Date:               11/07/2017

Subject:                      Campaign to Introduce a New Car Model

This memo is to inform you that the company is in the process of introducing a new car model in the distribution and service network. The company is currently consulting with Tesla, Inc., to develop a franchise model that will enable us to provide electric car models to our consumers. Through the franchise, we hope that the company will grow in terms of revenues and capital.

The introduction of the franchise model will not lead to any job losses. In fact, the company projects that new employees will be added to help ease the workload. Tesla is one of the world’s largest electric car manufacturers in the world. The company is currently looking for franchise models to help in distribution and servicing, which is critical due to the growing demand for its products.

We regret any inconveniences that may arise during this process and it is our hope that you will adjust quickly to the new business model. We will let you know of any new developments soonest possible.


Tesla. (2016). Model X. Retrieved from