Personal Reflections on Module Readings


The material for this module/week has led you from Europe, through first contacts, to the establishment of a solid English presence in the Americas. After reading and thinking about materials for this module/week, what do you notice most about the founding of the American colonies in North America? Did anything surprise you? Did your reading challenge your ideas or visions about colonial America?

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Personal Reflections on Module Readings

After carefully studying and reading materials from his module, I have realized how greedy and murderous human being can be considering that most of the material shows how greed and murder are widely spread in the country. It is quite clear the nation is built on greed and murder especially from the settlers and racist who were ready to do anything to maintain their slaves at a good condition. Moreover, people in authority and those entrusted to lead the ordinary population committed acts of brutality in the name of God something that is expected to run and live width most of the leaders in this country. To my surprise, most of the history books do not entirely tell the tale of most of Native Americans who initially and rightfully owned the land and how they suffered at the hands of settlers who were ready to kill to own these lands.  The settlement of settlers in native America led to the killing, displacement and enslaving of most Native Americans in different regions of the country.

Additionally, I learn from the module that Columbus may not have discovered as many lands as most historians and geologist claim. This is surprising considering that he is the person credited in history to have discovered most of the countries in the universe since it is hard to say that he discovered these countries yet there were people living in them.  On the other hand, it was quite clear from the reading that European settlers mistreated the natives and had selfish attitudes that led them to believe that they were superior to them.  This attitude and selfishness led them to war with other countries such as Spain over lands that they wanted to conquer. The materials provided me with more insight of the brutality used by white settlers in America.


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