Personal experience


I want you to write your own version of the essays we’ve read so far in class. Many of them are about things like first jobs, experiences in the neighborhood they grew up in, or experiences in society that change who they are.

Sample paper

Personal experience

Immediately after finishing my college where I specialized in accounting, I was so excited, and I only had one thing in mind, and that is to find a job and support my life after school life. One week after my final exams, I began the long journey of seeking employment in various institutions with the hope of securing a better job. After two months of walking up and down in the city, I landed my dream job at Cots industries as an assistant accountant. My primary duty in the organization was to assist the senior accountant with the preparation of assets, liability and capital accounts entries as well as summarizing the current financial status of the company by collecting information from different departments of the organization. I was excited for the opportunity given to me to put whatever I have learned in class into practice.

The senior accountant was a senior man who played a father figure and was committed to showing me all the secrets and practices that I can use in the accounting industry to become one of the best accountants. As a good son, I blindly obeyed his commands and followed him wherever he went. With time we become good friends, and we trusted each other to the extent that we would share secrets and life experience with each other. After three months of intense training, I was good at my position to the extent that I would go through all accounting books to check whether all the books were updated correctly and to correct any mistakes.

On this Friday afternoon, as I was going through the books, I noticed an irregularity with the accounting books and immediately contacted by a friend and senior accountant John.  I expertly explained to him where the mistake was and why I felt that the books were incorrectly recorded.  That is the moment he pulled me aside, and softly whispered to my ears that to succeed in the industry and to live a comfortable life, one needed to be “clever.” At first, I did not realize what he meant, and I sat there confused looking at him waiting for an explanation. Instead of explaining to me what he meant, he went to the door and slowly and quietly closed it and came over to where I was sitting and handed me 50, 000 dollars. By now, I realized what he was doing. He was bribing me and buying my silence so that I would not report him to our seniors.

As a good accountant, I know that transparency and accountability are key to excelling and succeeding in the industry. I politely declined hi offer but promised him that I would say nothing to anybody. However, the secret between us did not last for long as the company’s auditors found the same mistake and realized that approximately two hundred dollars were missing. Immediately we were summoned to the manager’s office, and the auditors together with the manager demanded an explanation for the missing money. We both stood there rooted to the ground with no words, and we only looked at each other. After hours of interrogation and persuasion, John finally admitted his actions but luckily enough he said that he planned the whole scheme alone and thus, I was not part of the scam. While he went to jail and paid the stolen money, I lost my job for obstruction of justice since I did not report the theft in the first place.


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