You and the other members of the HR team have conducted an analysis of your organization and found that performance management processes are highly inconsistent among departments. Some departments have a process of a formal annual appraisal, while other departments do not provide employees with any documented feedback on their performance. Also, some departments have a process of documenting employee performance issues; others seem to follow a process of no documented warnings before recommending termination.

Your team recognizes the benefits of establishing a developed performance management program and will present its plan to the CEO next week.

Individual deliverable (1–2 page Word document): (50 points)

Using the Internet and the library, locate information on performance management systems.

Choose one type of program and describe it for your colleagues.

Include a real-life example of an organization that currently uses or has used this type of program.

Be sure to include how this program handles performance appraisals and the disciplinary action and performance coaching processes.



For any organization to keep track of the performance of individual employees as well as the organization in general, they have to create, develop and adopt performance management systems. Performance management presents a platform to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of employees. However, performance management should be a continuous process between an individual employee and the management to plan, monitor and review work objectives and goals (van Dooren, 2015). This essay will attempt to shed light on performance appraisal as a form of performance management.

Performance appraisal is commonly used in organizations to determine potential managerial candidates, adjust the salaries and compensations for each level based on the performance of those occupying those levels. In this system, the management and the individual employee analyze his or performance to identify and pinpoint the needs for further training as well as the need for improvement in various fields. The basic purpose of this system is to give the employee ample time to reflect on their work as well as helping them to identify the need for improvement and training. Often, employees hold a discussion with their superiors citing the problems they encounter as they go about their daily work as well as giving suggestions on how to make the situation better as well as improving the working environment.

The best way to conduct a performance appraisal is to conduct an appraisal interview, which involves the exchange of performance information and data between a manager and the employee that is designed to conduct an evaluation of an employee while at the same time creating a career development plan (Bernardin, 2013). In conclusion, we can say that performance appraisal helps a business to implement its strategic plan which in turn helps to achieve organizational objectives and goals.

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Describe at least 3 methods you could use to measure employee morale.