Nursing Informatics Solution Proposal


Business proposal for nursing staff to give to adm. addressing concern on dispensing medications & listing advantages & suggestion to changing to a bar code system. Need to explain nature of clinical problem. Explain how problem can be resolved with informatics solution,request permisson to pursue solution is reasonable,indicates how project will not negatively impact nurse duties. 1 reference

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1.1 Introduction

There are escalating concerns in many organizations about medical errors. It is significant to note that such medical errors have contributed to deaths. Thus, the organizations are forced to tap on informatics to improve patient safety with explicit emphasis on safety in medication use. The technology is also useful in solving clinical problems and meeting accreditation requirements that are related to patient wellbeing.

1.2 Dispensing Medications

The dispensation of medicine involve the process of ordering a prescription based on the assessment of patients, recording the order, review the order, dispensing, administering medication and documenting the administration of medication and its effect.

1.3 Advantages and suggestions to changing to a bar code system

There are numerous benefits that accrue from changing to a bar code system. The automation will evolve to ease execution of pharmacist’s distributive responsibilities. They also expand the capabilities of distribution system, and improve competence in distribution (Kelly, K., Harrington, L., Matos, P., Turner, B., & Johnson, C. 2016). The barcode aids in ensuring that the right medicine is administered to the right patient and at the right dosage. It is important to change to a bar code system because there is less time and cost of implementation of the system.

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1.4 Nature of clinical problems

The nurse may not work with the level of competency expected from a professional. They may also practice poor medical administration that is by administering medicine without record or following due procedures.

1.5 Resolving clinical problems with informatics solution

Informatics helps to capture, analyze and convert data into actionable information that enables effective clinical decision making. It will also assist in recording and keeping accurate records. There should be room to pursue the solutions as they are reasonable. If the importance of the project is emphasized then the move to automate the procedures will not affect the duties of the nurses.

1.6 Conclusion

The bar code system will reduce the medical errors that are frequently committed by nurses and which in return causes death or harm to patients. The benefits accrued from automation are copious and nursing personnel should embrace them for effective delivery of service.



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