Installation of a new information technology system in the organization


You have been hired to lead a project (the project of your choice). As the project manager, you know it is important to get the project off to a good start. Using the tools provided in the required readings, provide a quick summary of your project, including the scope and objectives of your project. Be sure to include a high-level WBS for your project. 

Sample paper

Project Management

The new project involves the installation of a new information technology system in the organization. Specifically, the project entails the development and implementation of an intranet system within the organization. The intranet comprises of a restricted network of communications (Robertson, 2010). This project covers the architectural and technical aspects of design, visual design elements of the intranet, and implementation. The major goal of the project is to solve challenges in the organization relating to how employees handle documents, communication, and how they manage projects. The user objectives are keeping employees informed, promoting learning in the organization, performing core business operations such as applying for leave, and retrieving information in a quick way. The site objectives include designing an easy-to navigate intranet portal, applying the best practices to build the portal, and developing an intranet template.

The following is the WBS for the intranet project.

WBS for the intranet project
WBS for the intranet project



Robertson, J. (2010). Designing intranets: Creating sites that work. NSW, Australia: Step Two    Designs.