My Intellectual Journey-Critical thinking


Describe your intellectual journey and the education that you are pursuing. Examine your perspective on education using the elements of thought.i am pursueing a degree in the medical ins billing & coding field of study

Some questions that you can use to motivate your writing are:

What is the purpose of your education?

( get a job in the medical billing field)

What information do you need to be successful?

What questions do you have about your field of study?

Sample paper

My Intellectual Journey

            I am currently pursuing a degree in medical billing & coding field of study. The medical billing & coding program equips an individual with skills and knowledge to accurately register, record, and track patient records in the health care field. The main purpose of my education is to help me pursue a career in the medical billing field. This will enable me achieve my dreams of providing services in the medical field. The health information field that encompasses the medical billing and coding programs is one of the fastest growing fields in the entire industry and as such promises to provide employment to many in this career.

            There is a variety of information I should acquire in order to become successful. First, there is need to obtain relevant information relating to best coding practices. This will ensure that one is able to maintain accurate codes for appropriate billing. There is need to acquire information on processing on medical records such as insurance claims, patient records, and medical coding. There is also need to acquire information on keeping patient records in different health care environments such as private practice, hospital, or clinics. There are a few questions I have regarding the field of medical billing & coding. First, what are the opportunities for further advancement in this field? Second, I have concerns relating to the actual demand for coders and billers in the medical field. Lastly, is this a career that can enable me work from home?

Theological Beliefs and Ethical Principles