Mental Health Organization in Brick


Identify (using the Internet) an organization in your community or a community of your choice that you believe provides mental health services. List and describe the type of services offered.  After this please explain in a short paragraph what you feel to be the status of mental health care in this particular community.

Mental Health Organization in Brick

There are organizations that provide mental health services in my area, Brick, New Jersey. One of the organizations is Brookhaven Retreat. This is a private organization providing mental health services to women around the community and from other places as well. Brookhaven Retreat offers a number of mental health services (Brookhaven Retreat, 2018). The following is an overview of the mental health services women may receive from this organization.

Treatment for Mood Disorders

Brookhaven Retreat provides treatment to patients suffering from various mood disorders such as anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder (Brookhaven Retreat, 2018). The health organization provides full medical diagnosis to patients and support for those diagnosed with mood disorders. The health organization also treats women by encouraging self-exploration. This can help in identifying the root cause of the mood disorders.

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Trauma Services

The health organization provides treatment to patients with various levels of trauma. Trauma services focus on patients who have gone through traumatic experiences such as rape, physical injuries, shocking events, and among others.

Alcohol and Substance Abuse Treatment

Brookhaven Retreat provides treatment to patients having addiction problems. The health organization provides addicts with a 30-day detoxification program aimed at treating their addiction to alcohol and substance abuse (Brookhaven Retreat, 2018). The community organization has qualified RNs who assist patients in their road to recovery from alcohol and substance abuse.

The status of mental health care in Brick, New Jersey, is high. A high status indicates that individuals have high access rates to mental health care in the community. This is because there are other health organizations in the community providing mental health services such as the Behavioral Health Centers of America. High number of mental health service providers in the area translates to improved mental health care.


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