Visit your local health department either in person or via their website and find out how it is structured. In addition, please describe how the department in addressing a local health issue.

Document your findings as a 250 word essay that includes the following information:

      • What is the structure of the department, organizational chart

      • List the activities and services of the department

      • Give details of one of their programs

      • Discuss any resources the department has for the community


Local healthcare department


Question 1

The organizational structure of any hospital or a department in a hospital refers to the different levels of management in that facility. Notably, large hospitals and departments have a complex structure. The emergency department of the SLMC has a five-level organizational structure that focuses on ensuring that they provide efficient and effective as well as quality services to their patients (In Cole, 2009).

Question 2

With the increase in the number of people visiting the emergency department of various healthcare facilities, the emergency department is increasingly becoming an important part of a healthcare facility. The primary activities in this department focus on treating critically ill patients and preventing cardiac arrests in patients that have psychological instability.  Additionally, medical practitioners in this department have to ensure that they examine every patient arriving at the hospital to identify their medical need before treating or admitting them.


Question 3

The emergency department of the hospital plays an important role in ensuring that all the patients arriving at the facility receiving treatment within the first ten minutes of their arrival.  The program of the department is not only focused on attending to the needs of the patients but also at creating a positive environment and atmosphere for learning (Patel & Vinson, 2014). All emergency attendants have to undertake morning training between five to six in the morning before embarking on their daily chores.  Notably, they work on shift with each shift working for four hours.

Question 4

With the recent inventions and innovations in the medical field, it is easier for the department to treat and assess the medical needs of their clients.  Therefore, the department has the recent technology and qualified personnel to offer medication and treatment to the community (Patel & Vinson, 2014).



In Cole, E. (2009). Trauma care: Initial assessment and management in the emergency department. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell Pub.

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