Literary devices


1.Read The Norton Reader: “On Writing,” Stephen King, pp. 293; Respond to question #3;

2.Read The Norton Reader: “From Realism to Virtual Reality: Images of America’s Wars,” H. Bruce Franklin,  pp. 456-471. Respond to question #1

Sample paper

Literary devices

Learning to write: on writing by Stephen King by has far helped me as a writer compared to Benjamin Franklins on keeping a notebook and Joan Didion’s notebook.  Stephen as a narrative writer utilizes different writing skills in his work that are necessary to a potential young writer who is willing or has ambitions to succeed in this industry. Narrative techniques in the story give a more profound intending to an audience and help the readers to utilize creative ability to picture circumstances for better understanding (Dupriez & Halsall, 2016).  There different and unique writing skills that a writer can use in his or her story to drive their message across to the audience some of the widely utilized styles in the story learning to write: on writing by Stephen King include:

  1. Imagery- this is the technique employed by authors to use words that create mental pictures and images of a scene. To effectively use this style an author makes use of human senses. For example, the author says that when he was invited to the principal’s office after springing from detention hall, he went with a sinking heart (King & Simon & Schuster Audio (Firm), 2011).
  2. Onomatopoeia – this is a technique used by authors through the use of words that sounds the same as, or similar to what the words mean. For example, the author says that he was not sure of the editorial work he was about to take and he groaned inside, and he was shut of Dave’s Rag.
  • Personification – this is a technique used in narratives where non-living things are given both human and animal abilities and capabilities to perform extraordinary activities in a narrative. For example, in the narrative, the author states that the G.C.’s eyes suggested that he should take up the job.

All these narratives styles can help me as a writer to give deeper meaning to my audience while at the same time to make my work my work more interesting rather than the use of ordinary language.


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Explain in detail what the phrase “Carrying the Fire,” means in regards to the book.