Internet Strategy

Internet Strategy

Vee Apparel is a sole proprietorship business that deals in cloth distribution. The business was founded in 2005 and has since been operating on a small scale. The business can realize the benefits of the Internet by developing a merchant internet model that will enable it expand its customer base worldwide.

The merchant business model would be the most appropriate for the company to follow. The merchant internet model is mostly used by retailers and wholesalers such as In the merchant model, a business may follow the traditional brick-and-mortar retail model with a running storefront or establish itself as a strictly online-based business (Kotwica, 2013). Vee Apparel should adopt this model because it can help the sole proprietorship expand its customer base. In the merchant model, the business is able to sell products online to a variety of customers who may be in different geographical locations; hence expanding the business coverage. The business retains the largest share of the profits for each item sold. Lastly, the business is able to control pricing decisions (Kotwica, 2013).

There are a number of ways in which the business can benefit from a website. In the first place, the website can provide the business with the opportunity to promote its portfolio of products. People will only purchase products when they know that the products exist. Secondly, people from across the world can be able to access the business profile and products. This significantly boosts sales. Thirdly, a website enhances the convenience of customers. This means that customers can be able to quickly reach the business at any time. Fourthly, a website presents the business with a cheap option for advertising its products to the public. Lastly, a website is time-saving to customers seeking for information concerning the business. The website will be used for sales, marketing and customer support (Kotwica, 2013).

The company can use the internet to obtain feedback from clients concerning the products and services offered. Feedback is important since it can enable the company improve quality and delivery of products and services respectively. The company can also use the Internet to learn about new trends in the fashion industry. Through interacting with consumers, the company can be able to learn about new products or desires of the consumers and act to fulfill them. This will enable the company to stay ahead of competition (Lopuck, 2011).

The following are the functional specifications to be employed by the business in use of the Web and Internet.


Engine optimization

  • The system shall provide back-links to various products
  • The system shall contain forward links to other sellers.
  • The system shall contain search-friendly URLs containing the tags such as fashion, apparel, and others.


  • The system shall enable users browse categories of products.
  • The system shall enable users make orders online.
  • The system shall enable users make payments online.
  • The system shall allow linkage with social media sites.



  • The system shall contain a variety of products available for sale.
  • The system shall contain product description of all items.
  • The system shall contain details of the manufacturers of all items.
  • The system shall enable users view their list of orders.
  • The system shall enable customers give feedback through comments.
  • The system shall allow for easy updating of content.

To implement the website, there is need for a number of technological specifications. These include:

  • Computers interface
  • Servers
  • Network
  • External Hard Drives for backup
  • Camera
  • Mobile devices.



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